Audience Awards has identified five up-and-coming Montana filmmakers from our community that are making a difference in Montana’s film industry. Check them out and support their projects.

Lynn-Wood Fields - 5 Audience Awards Montana Filmmakers to Watch

Lynn-Wood Fields

Lynn-Wood Fields caught our attention when she submitted her film Lost Birds. The story discusses the high number of Native American children who were removed from their homes.

She is also well known for producing a tv series titled Perma Red. The story shines a light on the many indigenous women who go missing and are not found.

You can learn more about how Lynn-Wood is making an impact on her community here:

Alana Waksman - 5 Audience Awards Montana Filmmakers to Watch

Alana Waksman

We noticed Alana when she entered our LA Shorts Fest with her film Blackout. Since then she has continued to impress us. 

She assisted on the film Walking Out which premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Additionally, she has written and directed multiple short films and music videos. Her work gives insight into the human soul, and she conveys emotion in the most natural sense.

She is currently working on her first feature film, We Burn Like This, which will tell the story of a young girl who is the descendant of holocaust survivors. Throughout the story, the young girl will grapple with self worth as she battles a history of trauma. You can learn more about her film here:

Colin Ruggiero - 5 Audience Awards Montana Filmmakers to Watch

Colin Ruggiero

Colin makes us want to escape our daily routine and experience the world around us. He competed in our Real Montana Video Contest and his film Montana was beautiful to say the least. His films both inspire and raise awareness for wilderness conservation. 

His most recent film, Blue Sanctuary: The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park examines the obstacles and victories of the first marine protected area.

You can learn more about Colin here:

Audrey Hall - 5 Audience Awards Montana Filmmakers to Watch

Audrey Hall

Audrey is no stranger to the media scene. She has been published by the New York Times, Interiors, Interior Design, Preservation, the Wall Street Journal, Western Interiors and Design, Country Living, Sunset, and Mountain Living. 

We fell in love with her work when she entered the Art Montana Video Contest with her film, The Bound Bison Project. Her close attention to detail separates her from the crowd. 

She has also done impressive work that highlighted the culture of Montana. You can check her recent projects out here: 

Daniel Molloy - 5 Audience Awards Montana Filmmakers to Watch

Daniel Molloy

Daniel graduated from the film program at Montana State University. He worked for a variety of production teams in Los Angeles before following his heart back to the Big Sky state. 

His film, Closed Door Open competed in our Cat vs. Griz contest. The story deeply captures the heart of the dreamer.

He recently worked on a new film, Mickey and the Bear. The story examines the heart of a teenager’s relationship with her veteran father.

Mickey and the Bear was accepted as one of nine ACID (Association for the Distribution of Independent Cinema) films screening during the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

From their website: “ACID filmmakers follow their love for a film and wish to give visibility to directors whose work is scarcely distributed, in order to facilitate a theatrical release.”

Mickey and the Bear was the only American film chosen for this honor.

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