Ellensburg Film Festival Welcomes Craig T. Nelson

October 1, 2014

The Audience Awards has spoken with Ellensburg Film Festival Board Vice President, Inti Valverde about the upcoming festival happening this Friday October 3 – 5. Ellensburg Film Festival is hosting it’s 10th annual film festival in the Kittitas Valley in Central Washington. This year the festival welcomes special guest, Craig T. Nelson, who will participate in a Q & A after a screening of The Family Stone. Ellensburg film festival screens short films, features and documentaries from Spain, Turkey, France, Argentina, Mexico and the U.S.

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Inti Valverde of Ellensburg Film Festival.

AudNews: What is the story behind your involvement with the Ellensburg Film Festival?

Inti: I attended the festival when I first moved to Ellensburg in 2007. I volunteered the following year and joined the board.

AudNews: How did the festival begin?

Inti: It started as a group of people who met at each other’s houses or on the Central Washington University campus to watch films.

AudNews: What are some of your favorites films from this year’s film festival?

Inti: I am most excited to screen Dryland, Cavedigger, The Empty Hours and Winter in the Blood.

AudNews: What is unique and exciting about EFF?

Inti: The EFF board works very hard to support local filmmakers and to showcase local and regional talent. EFF partners with the Ellensburg Public Library every summer to offer a Teen Film Workshop, and twice a year we host a 72 hour film-slam. We offer prizes to regional films and make the cast and crew available for Q&A sessions.

AudNews: What films or festivals inspired you to get involved in with film festivals?

Inti: I went to The Evergreen State College and saw tons of great movies presented by the Olympia Film Society and the Olympia Film Festival. The Capitol Theater [in Olympia] is one of my favorite venues to see films.

AudNews: What is the most fulfilling part of working with EFF?

Inti: The board has changed in the six years I’ve been involved with EFF, but the quality of the program we put together has always been excellent. I’m honored to be a part of an organization that brings so many amazing films to Ellensburg.

AudNews: Is there anything else you would like our audience to know about your festival?

Inti: Ellensburg is a great town and we love film!

For a full schedule of this weekend’s films visit the Ellensburg Film Festival website.

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