Filmmaking Blogs Worth Following: Noam Kroll

May 5, 2016

What topics do you cover in your blog?

I cover a wide spectrum of topics on my blog, ranging from creative techniques and technical tutorials to camera reviews and other industry related news. That said, everything on the site is really geared towards the independent filmmaker and individual content creators, which is why so much of the material is very actionable and educational.

Filmmaker and Film Blogger Noam Kroll

Filmmaker and Film Blogger Noam Kroll

How long has your blog been around?

I started the blog just over three years ago, but it took about a year until the blog was really booming with traffic and had evolved into a substantial resource for the readers.

What are popular subjects that you write on?

Some of the most popular posts on my website are camera oriented. Everyone likes to hear about the latest and greatest cinema cameras (myself included), and as a beta-tester for some camera manufacturers I often get early access to products. This gives me the opportunity to share footage and insight on those cameras through my blog.

Additionally, since a lot of independent filmmakers follow my site, my posts that focus on production tips and techniques tend to do very well too. One of my most popular articles was written when I first launched my blog, and is centered around achieving high production value when working with a skeleton crew.

Filmmaker and Film Blogger Noam Kroll

Filmmaker and Film Blogger Noam Kroll

What is the most important thing filmmakers should take away from your blog?

Although there can be a heavy bias towards cameras, gear, and technical tips on my site, I always hope that the readers understand that it really is the creative direction behind your work that matters most. I always try to re-inforce the idea that your end product is only as good as your script and story, so even if you’re camera obsessed (like me), you need to find a way to channel that into creative work that is truly original and unique.

I’ve spotted a few fairly well known filmmakers on my blog and social media, but its always comments from readers that are still in the early stages of their career that resonate with me most. Here is the first one I pulled up just now from a reader named “Brian Williams” –

“Noam, thanks for all of your hard work and sharing the wealth of information! I’m sure it takes a toll, but the video community really benefits from people like you.”

Visit for everything from equipment reviews to cinematography tips.


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