Four Principles Of Creative Video

December 21, 2021

Why do people use our services to develop video resources and pursue videography projects?

Here are some of the philosophies behind how our teams and freelancers use Audpop to create robust video collateral that tells people more about their world.

People Like Stories

The enduring appeal of the story is one part of the creative mindset behind Audpop and how we view videography.

Ever since the dawn of time, people have been telling stories. The oral tradition passed down these stories without actual documentation, but in today’s data age, videography is the key means of communicating this way and that’s something that we embrace as we help others to tell their stories. 

Branding is a Narrative

On the corporate side of things, companies and businesses and other entities are understanding that the best way to describe their brands is with a narrative.

These narratives often make their way into video form, and that requires all of the work that you’d expect with these types of projects. There is the core planning, preproduction, shooting, postproduction and editing. That’s where you want a good team in your corner and Audpop can help!

Visual is King

A picture tells a thousand words, and a video tells many more than that. In the old days, people often used text to tell stories, but visual communications are big now. That’s another component of our work and what drives us to evolve video projects. 

Deploy Talent

We also work on the principle of getting people where they need to be, to do the best videography and related services possible.

That’s part of the logistics of this type of work – and something to consider when you’re in charge of putting projects together, or getting the best results for an employer or other party.

So what else can you expect from a company that’s a premier source for creative video marketing?

To understand the types of production services you can access, spend some time on the site looking at what makes us pop. With video contests, animation, social media components and more, we have experience with big brands like Sony and Southwest and others, as well as real life experience in a different context, with small business projects or community projects.

All of that contributes to a well-rounded approach to videography that works well in today’s industry.

Let’s get connected and pursue video in a way that represents the vibrance and potential of this type of marketing!



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n today’s world, where customers’ attention span is becoming shorter by the year, and the competition for creating and maintaining social buzz is tighter than ever, more businesses are now placing more resources into video marketing to improve customer engagement levels. That’s why you need video marketing KPIs to track.

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