13 Horror Film Festivals for Halloween

October 15, 2014

With Hallow’s Eve around the corner, here is a look at 13 horrific film festivals to get you in the ghoulish spirit. These gory and terrifying festivals are from across the U.S., the Wales and England.

1.) Screamfest Horror Film Fest

Oct. 14-23 Beverly Hills, California

Known as the “Sundance of Horror,” this festival premiered such thrillers as 2007’s Paranormal Activity. This year the festival will be held at the TCL Chinese 6 Theaters at the Hollywood and Highland Center. Screamfest is the one of the largest and longest running horror film festivals in the U.S.

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Image courtesy of Facebook.

2.) Fear Fete Horror Con & Film Fest

Oct. 16-19 Biloxi, Mississippi

Fear Fete features the best indie horror films from around the globe and is located on the gulf coast at the MS Coast Convention Center. They host a convention with celebrities, host panels, workshops and more. At night Fear Fete hosts parties and a Zombie Pub Crawl.

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Image courtesy of Event Brite.

3.) Eerie Horror Film Festival & Expo

Oct. 17-19 Erie, Pennsylvania

At the historic Warner Theater in downtown Erie, The Eerie Horror Film Festival has been uniting filmmakers and screenwriters with other industry professionals since 2004. They have hosted world premieres and guest appearances by Alice Cooper, Nine Inch Nails, Judas Priest and others.

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Image courtesy of Slaughter Film Blog.

4.) RI International Horror Film Festival

Oct. 20-26 Newport, Rhode Island

Hosted by FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival, this cinematic festival of horror celebrates 15 years this October. This year the festival hosts the world premiere of the first Israeli made horror film, Another World. There will also be a costume competition during the “Date-Night of Horror.”

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Image courtesy of RI International Horror Film Festival.

5.) Tuscon Terror Fest

Oct. 23-25 Tuscon, Arizona

The Tuscon Terror Fest, showcases independent horror films and shorts from around the world.  At Tucson’s art house cinema house, the Screening Room the festival will host Q & A’s, new horror films as well as vintage horror movies.

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Image courtesy of Tucson Terror Fest.

6.) Bram Stoker International Film Festival 

Oct. 23-27 Whitby, England

This festival began to honor Bram Stoker’s influence on horror literature and film. In 1890 Bram Stoker visited the local library in Whitby where he happened upon the name Dracula. This film festival celebrates 6 years this fall and hosts a “Children’s of the Night,” an “1880’s Night” and a Vampire’s Ball.

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Image courtesy of Bram Stoker Int’l Film Festival.

7.) Freak Show Horror Film Fest

Oct. 24-26 Orlando, Florida

Independent horror filmmaker veteran and owner of FEAR FILM Studios, Robert J. Massetti, created the Freak Show Horror Film Fest. A “FREAKY” award is given for outstanding achievements in 9 categories. The award was designed by Special FX makeup artist Barry Anderson, who worked on Day of the Dead and Jeepers Creepers.

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Image courtesy of Freak Show Horror Film Festival.

8.) Knoxville Horror Film Fest

Oct. 24-26 Knoxville, Tennessee

The Sixth Annual Knoxville Horror Film Festival showcases seven feature horror films this year, which will be preceded by themed short films. The only horror film festival in East Tennessee features indie horror feature films and shorts from the U.S. and around the world. A ceremony and costume party will close out the festival at Scruffy City Hall in Knoxville.

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Image courtesy of Knoxville Horror Film Fest.

9.) Phoenix Fearcon

Nov. 1-2 Phoenix, Arizona

This year at Phoenix Fearcon, a long lineup of actors in AMC’s The Walking Dead will attend. Amongst them include Theodus Cranealso a world heavyweight in the Chinese form of kickboxing, child actor Kyla Kenedy along with other professional actors and zombie doubles.

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Image courtesy of Phoenix Fearcon.


10.) Abertoir Wales’ International Horror Festival

Nov. 11-16 Ceredigion, Wales

In West Wales the Abertoir Wales’ International Horror Festival hosts its ninth annual festival. This year’s festival pays tribute to the 1980’s and the 30th anniversary of the Video Recordings Act. There will be a short film competition and throwbacks to Gremlins, A Bay of Blood and Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead.

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Image courtesy of Abertoir Film Festival.


11.) New York City Horror Film Festival

Nov. 13-16 New York City, New York

It is one of the largest film festivals honoring horror and science fiction. This year at the 13th annual NYC Horror Film Festival Angus Scrimm, of the Phantasm sequel, will be receiving the lifetime achievement award and Norman Reedus star of Walking Dead will be presented with the Michael J. Hein Award for Personal Achievement in Acting.

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Image courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.

12.) Buried Alive Film Festival

Nov. 22-23 Atlanta, Georgia

From the founders of Gorehound Productions and Atlanta Horrorfest, the Buried Alive Film Festival celebrates eight years this fall. Their aim is to promote underground filmmaking and provide Atlanta with the best in independent horror cinema. At the Joysticks Games Bar the festival will host an opening night party.

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Image courtesy of Buried Alive Film Fest.

13.) Another Hole in the Head

Dec. 5-14 San Francisco, California

If you still desire horror films after Halloween and the Day of the Dead, go to San Francisco’s 10th annual Another Hole in the Head. Hosted by SF Indiefest, this three-week festival features horror, sci-fi and dark fantasy features and shorts from around the world.

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Image courtesy of SF Indiefest.

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