Joseph Quiles: Novel to Graphic to Publish

June 22, 2019

Original Article sent by Joseph Quiles. Edited by Danika Firth.

Before Joseph Quiles decided to pick up the camera and begin his journey through the filmmaking world that he’s apart of today, his main desire was to write short stories with horror and demonic aspects around them. During his teens, Joseph’s writing eventually got him into trouble at school, in which he was expelled and needed to see a shrink or psychologist in order for him to be allowed back. With this situation occurring a few times, Joseph quit writing until he went to high school.

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    In order to pass the time in high school, Joseph became heavily involved in studying the occult, which eventually piqued his interest so much that he started ghost hunting. After working on multiple different cases and seeing what he needed to see, Joseph left that life and picked up writing again. He was finally ready to publish my first novel. The publishing company that he was working with stated that his story was too graphic for them to publish it. So, in a nice way, Joseph told them to get lost, received a full refund, and bought his first Super 8 camera and began filming.

   Not having any training in the filmmaking world, Joseph just jumped into it with no hesitation. But after striking out a couple of times he soon realized that he needed training. So, he bought filmmaking self-help books from Amazon and a local book store, he began his intensive research. Having little to no guidance on what he wanted to do with my life, Joseph applied for community college lasting 3 to 4 months before dropping out. After dropping out 3 times, he decided to go traveling cross county by myself with nothing more than a hiking bag and some money.

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   After what seemed to be months on the road Joseph attended his first film festival: Sundance. After arriving back home in New Jersey, Joseph made the best decision of his life. He applied for the Los Angeles Film School. And got in.

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   As mentioned before, in the past Joseph has dropped out of college 3 times but with Film School it was different. He found myself trying to excel in learning the craft of filmmaking. During his studies, he found Audience Awards, a website in which he submitted three shorts that went on to win.

“Audience Awards I would say is real Godsend when it comes to connecting filmmakers and the audience together. As a filmmaker what inspires me to make movies in the hope of capturing one’s true emotions so the Audience can see it.”

Joseph found that horror is his calling as a filmmaker not for creating a shock or showing blood and guts, but it’s because he’s able to stun and disturb the audience with just imagery alone. Followed by a story that dwells in the darkest part of the human mind.

“I’m allowing my inner demons to take control of the wheel in a sense.”

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