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You have stories. We have storytellers. Our video entertainment platform connects you to 75,000 diverse filmmakers from all over the world who can help you create high-quality videos that meet your objectives, all while reaching over 200 million fans and followers.

At AudPop, we believe that stories can change the world. Let us connect you to the best storytellers to help you create meaningful change.

What you get

AudPop creates, curates, and promotes high-quality video content for your brand through the following branded programs:


Original content

Based on your creative direction, filmmakers pitch their story ideas. Together, we select the best stories to begin production—and we manage the process until the completed videos are delivered to you.

Film challenges

Our network of storytellers submit short films that address your brand objectives, which are then voted on by AudPop fans and followers, and selected by our panel of judges. Once a video is selected, you receive the video rights—and benefit from lead generation and social media impressions.

Filmmaker network

Your brand story has a better chance at being real and authentic with our network of diverse filmmakers from all over the world who are experts in the craft of storytelling.


live action

Live action 



Branded content

short film

Turn-key and scalable to meet all brand objectives, our programs can also include:


Simplified and scalable video creation with no production cost


Creative oversight + account leadership


Managed + marketing services


Payments, legal clearances, and rights management


Video transcoding, hosting, downloads, and social sharing


Transparent campaign analytics


Digital promotion via social media and targeted emails to over 200 million


Connected TV in-stream media spots across our distribution partners

Ellevest Case Study

Investing in women with Ellevest

Ellevest—a financial company for women, by women—needed five filmmakers to create a video series that featured the company’s high-profile investors. AudPop put together five film crews in five cities for this five-part series—all in two weeks.

Taking storytelling to new heights with Southwest Airlines

Reuniting with a loved one. Chasing a dream. Seeing the world from a new perspective. In partnership with Southwest Airlines, filmmakers were challenged with bringing the best traveler story on board—and tell it in less than three minutes—to win 24 one-way flight e-passes for the United States and Puerto Rico.

Southwest Airlines
BBB Case Study

Encouraging gestures of trust with the Better Business Bureau

Honest. Transparent. Proactive. Humble. Equitable. These are the Better Business Bureau’s five gestures of trust—but what are yours? Filmmakers were challenged with submitting a video up to 3 minutes that shows an authentic, moving depiction of trust—with good sound and cinematography to boot. The goal? $21,000 in prizes.

Why AudPop?

We’re diverse.

At AudPop, diversity must be behind the lens to unleash a truly unique, authentic story. That’s why we pride ourselves on our diverse network of 75,000 filmmakers from all over the world.

We’re affordable.

AudPop provides the most affordable and seamless solution to creating the video you need as well as drive the desired audience engagement through our video campaigns.

We’re filmmakers.

AudPop is built by filmmakers who understand the importance for brands to tell authentic stories and for filmmakers to have more opportunities to make their dreams come true.

Becoming an AudPop partner starts with “hello”