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Taking storytelling to new heights with Southwest Airlines


​The challenge

Reuniting with a loved one. Chasing a dream. Seeing the world from a new perspective. In partnership with Southwest Airlines, filmmakers were challenged with bringing the best traveler story on board—and tell it in less than three minutes—to win 24 one-way flight e-passes for the United States and Puerto Rico.

The Process

Step 1: Submit brief
Southwest Airlines submitted their brief that outlined the need to find the best traveler story
Step 2: Notify filmmakers
Our network of filmmakers received a notification for a new opportunity
Step 3: Creation begins
Filmmakers all over the world set out to create short films based on Southwest Airlines’ creative brief
Step 4: Southwest picked the winners
Once films were submitted, the brand reviewed the submissions and picked their favorites
Step 5: First place
Southwest Airlines received distribution rights to the top films while the winners received the grand prizes of travel

The winning video


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