Presenting the Winners of the 2016 Dramatic Short Video Contest

February 4, 2016

The Audience Awards is proud to present the winners of the 2016 Dramatic Short Video Contest. Twenty nine films competed and received a total of 2,342 votes and 2,975 film views!

In first place, Accident by filmmaker Ava Tong. The first place prize is $300.

Accident by filmmaker Ava Tong

“Accident” by filmmaker Ava Tong


“As for winning The Audience Awards, it meant the world to me. The advantage to this contest being online meant that anyone around the world are able to watch the film. “Accident” was inspired by a very personal event in my life and it was also my very first short film. To be able to share it with my community no matter where they were made it extra beneficial. When the contest began, I started sharing it on Facebook and was surprised to see so many people sharing it as well and telling me how much they loved my film. Getting the feedback from strangers was the best part. I was blown away by all the extended people in the community that wanted my film to win. This not only inspired me to continue pursuing storytelling and filmmaking but it also allowed me take my winnings and donate it to another fellow filmmaker to help him with his project. We are all dreamers here and it was really rewarding to see so many people supporting my dream, thrusting me towards the finish line. Thank you for having me in this contest. I look forward to making more and submitting again!” ~Ava Tong

In second place, The Door by filmmaker Richard Mone. The second place prize is $150.

 "The Door" by filmmaker Richard Mone.

“The Door” by filmmaker Richard Mone.

“I had a ton of fun competing! It’s a shame I ended up in second, but just the exposure alone for my film and my film company is worth millions. For me? I want to continue to compete on this website. I like how this allows filmmakers to interact from all over the world!” ~Richard Mone

In third, I – EMME by filmmaker Alberto Mosca. The third place prize is $50.

I - EMME by filmmaker Alberto Mosca.

“I – EMME” by filmmaker Alberto Mosca.

“I am grateful for The Audience Awards. I appreciated all the not Italian and unknown Italian people who voted for I-EMME” ~Alberto Mosca

Congratulations to the winners!

You can view all of the films that competed in the 2016 Dramatic Short Video Contest.

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