Reach Your Target Audience Through Online Video

January 19, 2022

The digital landscape provides a myriad of ways for brands to engage in active marketing with their target audiences. From pop-up video ads to user-generated content, the use of video as a tool to engage with consumers should be a significant part of any organization’s effective marketing strategy.

However, just implementing video haphazardly into your marketing plan will not necessarily help you reach your sales goals. Studies show that how people use video content online and, more specifically, what types of video content your target audience engages in the most are two critical components of consumer behavior vital to a successful video campaign.

Consumer Time Online

A 2022 article published in Variety showed that a large portion of consumer online media consumption is spent on user-generated video content. Per this article’s reporting, the study from the Consumer Technology Association analyzed content creator trends in the U.S. and found that user-created content accounts for 39% of weekly media hours vs. 61% for traditional media video content.

User-Generated Online Video Content

As the number of streaming platforms accessible to the public grows, viewers have increasing access to user-generated videos online. User-generated videos can be found on TikTok, YouTube, FaceBook, and other online platforms where content is created and uploaded onto online platforms.

This phenomenon is good news for brands who want to engage directly with target audiences, as reaching consumers through online platforms is an achievable action for start-ups and established companies.

Understanding Consumer Online Behavior Key To Successful Video Marketing

As you may suspect, younger audiences tend to view online user-generated video content in higher percentages than those in the 55 and older age groups. These statistics suggest that understanding your customer and their behavior online is crucial for a successful video marketing campaign.

For example, if you target adults in a specific age group, consider what forms of online media most reach that particular audience. To create video content that will engage your audience, you must understand what your consumers view the most online.

Final Thoughts

Original online video content is a cornerstone of any successful long-term marketing strategy. In 2022, brands must have effective video campaigns to reach consumers in their target audience. Video content that reaches consumers and engages them with your brand is vital to success in this highly competitive market. AudPop’s Video provides the video you need every month of the year.


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