Six Types Of Video Content Every Business Needs

September 20, 2021

We know that video is all the rage these days, for a number of compelling reasons. Taking the old saying “a picture is worth 1000 words,” companies have taken it a step further and realized that a video can be worth many thousands of words or other types of marketing collateral.

Yes, video is king these days. Here are some of the types of video that companies most often invest in, in order to stay competitive.

Quick Bites

Web surfers often want short, engaging videos they can watch all the way through and internalize. Companies are getting proactive about designing these video soundbites and getting them to an audience.

Video Channels

Along with the above, companies are designing these short videos to run on specific streaming video platforms where they’re finding their customers. Some top contenders include YouTube, Hulu and Facebook, as well as other social media venues where these types of video can get widely disseminated.

Introducing Staff

How do people know who works at your business? A short introductory video helps set the stage for welcoming new customers and setting up those relationships that run your business. A “meet the team” video is often prominent on a healthcare provider’s site, or even in retail, as a way to make those connections and show the relationship of a local business to its community

Training video

No matter what the business is engaged in, having adequate training video assets can help with onboarding and improving workplace safety. Companies develop these resources for internal use and automate a lot of the process around HR hiring and more. 

Product and Service “Show and Tell”

Another major piece of video collateral involves showing the audience what a business does, and what it offers in its market. These types of detailed video are often used to get people more familiar with a brand and promote brand visibility and access.

Inspirational Video

There’s another sort of video that is also catching on in the enterprise world. It’s a bit more abstract, and contains more of an emotional message for audiences. It may not be explicitly product-oriented, but it has resonance and helps to build that interactive user experience that benefits companies in so many ways.

Think about integrating all of these types of video into your business online footprint. Audpop can help, with videography that puts your business forward in the best light possible. Ask about how we can help you to build the video library that will be crucial to scaling and growth in the years to come. 


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