Sunday Confessional- What movie made you cry?

August 31, 2014

Confess your cinematic sins to me, my child.  

Blessed are those who tell Mundee Morning your dirty little secrets. Your secret is safe with me … and the Internet.  This week’s Sunday confessional topic: What movie made you cry?

We all boo hoo from time to time, and sometimes it’s the silver screen that makes us cry our salty tears.  So, tell me darling, what movie made you cry into your popcorn?  Was it ET as he was withering away while trying to phone home? Or was it when Thomas J in My Girl died from a swarm of bee stings?  Oh, and I totally know you cried at the end of Titanic. I did.  What?!  I was 18 and cried over everything. Share your sob stories with me.

Confess in the comments section, or if you wish to remain anonymous, email me at


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