May 12, 2022

Have you ever been to the Tribeca Film Festival?

No? Well, you’ll need to change that. We’ll give you the low down on the latest Tribeca news, what films are showcasing, and when you can get tickets and passes. Then buy a pass and grab an airline ticket to New York.

Jennifer Lopez - Halftime - 2022 Tribeca Film Festival

Jennifer Lopez – Halftime

What’s the Tribeca Film Festival all about?

As you can see from its name, the Tribeca Film Festival is all about film but with quite a bit more. Every year, they showcase TV, short films, feature films, audio storytelling, online work, music, and AR/VR. Gaming is showcased too with phenomenal storytelling, innovation, and artistic flare. The festival also is a platform for new technologies. Jane Rosenthal, Robert De Niro, and Craig Hatkoff kicked off Tribeca in 2001 after the World Trade Center attacks. This film festival was a revitalization of sorts for artists, filmmakers, and innovators to collect in lower Manhattan, generate economic growth, and expand cultural expression.

The festival takes place each spring in New York City. Every aspect is diverse and inclusive, from feature and short films to immersive games to audio storytelling and TV. There’s music and art, a true coming together of new ideas and perspectives, and definitely, a place where anyone that is up-and-coming, whether filmmaker or creative, will want to showcase their work.

What can you expect? 

You’ve got 12-days to soak in everything Tribeca has to offer. And the cool thing is you can attend in person or choose to check it out virtually. The choice is yours. We may not have liked the pandemic and the upheaval it produced, but one of the bi-products is the virtual connection we can make regardless of the venue. We are no longer set with one avenue of engagement.

Now, remember you have 12-days with a multitude of choices to choose from. You can check out the full schedule here.

Most days start in the evening and persist into the wee hours of the morning. What if you have a particular film or audio storytelling you want to see, but the main schedule for the day doesn’t meet your needs? No worries. For most, there are at least three separate showings and different locations. You’re never locked into one time or one venue.

For example, the documentary film, Halftime, about Jennifer Lopez shows three different times. Her film kicks off the festival on Wednesday, June 8, but you can choose the screening time that works best for you. First, Wednesday, June 8 at 7 p.m. Then Thursday, June 9 at 9 p.m. Or Saturday, June 11 at 11:30 a.m. 

What are you interested in?

If you’re interested in films, whether short or feature, you’ll have many to choose from. There are 12-categories, ranging from Shorts to Spotlight Narrative and more. Browsing the films showcasing at the festival by clicking on the category below can help you find the films you’re interested in viewing.

Beba - 2022 Tribeca Film Festival

Beba – Feature Film

Want more than films? There are more choices to consider.

Maybe you’re more into music. In that case, let’s jump over to Tribeca Music Lounge, where you can listen to two of New York’s top underground DJs, as well as a plethora of other musical talents. Or, if you’re in person, you could attend Tribeca’s Outdoor & Free Events, where you could watch The Birdcage or The Great Debaters or Purple Rain. There are numerous options, and you can find the schedule here. If indie episodic series grab your attention, you could browse the Now: Original indie episodic series schedule here.

How about Audio Storytelling?

Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Whether informative or fiction, Tribeca’s got you covered. You could begin with Mirage Diner, a supernatural audio dramedy. Imagine sitting in a diner, traveling through time and space.

Mirage Diner - 2022 Tribeca Film Festival

Mirage Diner

Maybe traveling through time and space is a bit much, and you’d like something more grounding. How about Modes of Thought in Anterran Literature? Either way, regardless of where your interests lie, you’ll be able to find an audio story that draws you in. You’re welcome to browse the scripted content here.

For a lot of people, television shows hit the mark. One TV selection showcasing is The Bear, about a young man coming home to take over the family sandwich shop. There are several series to choose from, from 1980’s college grads pursuing their dreams to ESPN Films presents.

You could watch Supreme Team, a limited docuseries that tells the story of the “notorious Queens, New York gang”—the real story. To find out more about what’s on the TV schedule, check out the TV schedule here.

The Bear - 2022 Tribeca Film Festival

The Bear

What if Games are what truly pull you in? 

Nine games are showcasing this year at the festival. First, A Plague Tale: Requiemcreated by Asobo Studio, is a sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence. Second in line is American Arcadia, created by Out of the Blue Studios and hits the 70s running, but there’s a secret that may make you squeamish.

Games - 2022 Tribeca Film Festival

Games – The Selections

Next is As Dusk Falls, created by INTERIOR/NIGHT and is an interactive drama. Fourth is Cuphead-The Delicious Last Course, created by Studio MDHR and is “Cuphead’s final challenging quest.” The fifth game is Immortality, created by Half Mermaid Productions, which has an interesting premise and gives players an explorative experience.

The sixth game in the lineup is Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, created by Night School Studio and is the sequel to Oxenfree. Next is The Cub, created by Demagog Studio. Climate catastrophe and Mars. How could you go wrong? Then there’s Thirsty Suitors, created by Outerloop Games, which takes a gamer on a journey of confronting the game character’s past. Last in the lineup is Venba, created by Visai Games and is a “narrative cooking game.”

You can check out the game selections here. Gameplay and creator interviews will occur during Game Spotlight on June 10 at 3 p.m. EST. And there’s a special Game Event with Sam Barlow, a British game designer, where he will perform a live play. Go here for the specifics.

Evolver - 2022 Tribeca Film Festival

Evolver – Immersive

Maybe Immersive is the draw . . .

One Immersive category is Main Competition, which showcases the best in the world. Here’s a quick list: EvolverIntraveneKubo Walks the CityMissing Pictures: Episodes 3 – 5Mushroom Cloud NYC/RisePlease, Believe MeReachYou, and Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise. 

New Voices premieres “first- and second-time extended reality directors in competition.” Here’s the list: Black Movement Library – Movement PortraitsEmerging Radiance: Honoring the Nikkei Farmers of BellevueIago: The Green Eyed MonsterLGBTQ+ VR MuseumLimbotopia, Mescaform Hill: The Missing FivePlanet City VR, Plastisapiens, and This is not a Ceremony.

And last but not least is Best of Season, which showcases the best of 2021. Here’s the lineup: ContainerEnd of NightExhibition A, and Glimpse.

Check out the categories and what you can expect here.

Do you want to attend in person? 

If you want to attend in person, the ultimate pass to get is the big, all-encompassing Hudson Pass. The short and quick of it is you get the full shebang for $1350.

Other passes, include 16-ticket Package, 8-ticket Package, and the Awards Day Pass. These passes range from $450 to $60. Get your passes now.

What if you wish to attend virtually?

Virtually doesn’t get the same immersive experience as attending in person does. For one, being in person allows for human interaction, the audience’s experience, conversations between showcases, the physical movement from one venue to the next, and let’s not forget the process of spiffing ourselves up to go outside in public—no wearing slippers and not brushing your teeth. Well, you could, but not recommended if you’re going to have close talks with friends.

Secondly, the festival committee has curated “a selection of narrative films, documentaries, and short films.” Their curation doesn’t get you the whole festival, and that’s something to consider when you’re deciding how you wish to attend. You can access this virtual platform from June 9 through June 26. Of course, attending virtually means there’s no need to get dressed, though you might want to keep your video off for no other reason than your own privacy.

You can get the At Home Festival Pass, which gets access to all the virtual content, for $150.

You also have two other virtual options: At Home Shorts Pass and At Home Awards Pass. The Shorts Pass, of course, is about short films, whereas the Awards Pass covers screenings of the winners on June 18 and June 19. Learn more here about attending virtually. 

What we know . . .

The Tribeca Film Festival is not a festival to miss out on, whether you attend in person or virtually. Let’s get our passes and immerse ourselves in the creativity and artistry of film and video, storytelling and expression, gaming and immersive. Let’s attend in person or virtually and show our interest and respect for artists worldwide that dare to create and allow it to live and breathe in front of others.

What are you waiting for? Click here to engage, support, and expand cultural expression.





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