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Upwork vs. AudPop: Which is the Best Freelance Platform for Video?

July 1, 2021

Upwork is a heavyweight in the freelance startup space, recording $90 million in revenue during Q2 of 2020. It’s often heralded as one of the big three facilitators of the “freelance revolution,” alongside Fiverr and But growth of this size is a double-edged sword: Upwork does a few things right at the expense of others.

A common thread in freelance-focused discussion boards is that Upwork doesn’t work well for freelancers due to low pay, difficult clients, and high service fees. All of these issues are particularly painful for freelance video creatives whose job is very time and labor-intensive compared to other creative work.

Unhappy freelancers on a freelance platform is bad for businesses because the good freelancers will leave. In fact, many freelancers use Upwork to establish connections then move off the platform as soon as possible. 

All of this put together makes Upwork — despite its strengths — a platform for freelancers and brands to work around, not within. Fortunately, AudPop serves as a good alternative for freelance video projects thanks to its unique contest system, specific focus, and ease of use. 

Upwork Is A Large, Established Market for Freelancers

Upwork has one big strength going for it: its size. There are a lot of freelancers that use the platform and subsequently a lot of potential clients. Upwork’s size means that it can offer a lot of different freelancing disciplines, but it also means there is much more noise to cut through.

Unlike more specific freelance platforms like 99Designs and AudPop, Upwork is a general repository for just about any type of freelance work. Altogether, Upwork is good for clients who need a wide variety of relatively cheap freelance work done. 

Upwork’s Strengths

  • There are a variety of work styles and types. Just about any type of freelancing work is available, from writing to video to accounting.
  • The Upwork brand is nearly a household name and is the first stop for many businesses looking for a freelancer.
  • If a freelancer can find steady work through Upwork, they can make a decent amount of money.

Upwork’s Weaknesses

  • There is a lot of talent to sift through. This makes it hard for freelancers to stand out and difficult for clients to find the right person for the job (without shelling out for Upwork’s scouting services).
  • Upwork doesn’t hold your hand as a freelancer. It’s up to you to make it work and it’s not uncommon to find questions along the lines of “What am I doing?” In addition, one freelancer said it took them “2 months and 100 proposals to get my first 2 jobs.”
  • By focusing on everything, Upwork specializes in nothing. If you’re a business looking for a freelancer in a specialized field like video creation, you’ll likely have to do some digging to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is evidenced by the fact that even “rising talent” have a hard time connecting with businesses.

Who Is Upwork Good For?

Upwork is good for businesses that need a wide variety of freelance work done quickly. 

Upwork is good for freelancers who are using freelance as a side income because jobs are typically too infrequent to live on.

AudPop Brings Creative Talent to You

AudPop is a new freelance platform that connects video creatives to brands. What makes it unique is its contest system called Campaigns. The way Campaigns works is simple:

  1. A business creates a creative brief, outlining its budget, goals, and direction.
  2. Video creatives peruse the available briefs and choose which ones they’d like to apply for. They create an intro video and a sizzle reel to stand out. This helps business owners like you know exactly who you are hiring. 
  3. The business chooses which video creative they’d like to work with and the creative takes it from there.

Besides Campaigns, businesses can use AudPop to crowdsource hundreds of quality videos at once using video contests and film challenges. You can even use jury and audience-style voting to engage social media audiences and let them choose the best videos.

The way Audpop’s system is set up means that businesses don’t have to seek out creative video talent, that talent comes right to them. At the same time, video creatives can find the campaigns that suit them and apply, without having to pump out proposals or wait with no response. 

In short, Audpop is a freelance platform that puts video creatives first. In doing so, we’ve made it easy for businesses to work with a curated network of diverse, world-class video creatives.

AudPop’s Strengths

  • The process from creating a brief to getting a video made is very simple for businesses. Just explain what you need and the global network of 75,000 video creatives comes to you.
  • Everything submitted to a Campaign is reviewed by the business so there is no chance for your work as a video creator to get lost in the noise.
  • Outside of Campaigns, AudPop lets businesses run turnkey challenges and contests that engage a large audience of creatives and customers alike.

AudPops Weaknesses

  • AudPop is solely focused on video creatives, so you must be in that field to benefit from it.
  • As a new platform, AudPop doesn’t have the name recognition UpWork does. This is changing as the platform grows and companies like Southwest Airlines and Dell submit briefs.
  • AudPop has room to grow and add more video creative talent as it hasn’t quite matched the likes of Upwork yet as far as the number of video freelancers.

What is AudPop Good For?

AudPop is good for businesses who want a smooth and easy way to find video talent for a new project. Executive and life coach Reagan Walsh says:

‘“I was trying to update my speaker’s reel. It was incredibly dated, I had an opportunity in front of me, and I needed to elevate my game. I entered in exactly what the project was and in a couple of days I connected with a video producer and he ran with assets I gave him. It was fast, it was affordable, it was easy, and best of all, the finished product is exceptional.” 

Regan Walsh Speaker Reel from Regan Walsh on Vimeo.

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AudPop is great for video creatives of all skill levels who are looking to build a career within a global, diverse network.

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