Vote Now in Bloody Shorts Film Competition!

October 22, 2014

The leaves are falling and the wind is howling as we get closer to Halloween next week. Naturally, plenty of horror films are likely being streamed on Netflix as we speak, while horror film festivals around the world bring out their best and bloodiest. The Audience Awards is ready to help feed your incessant zombie hunger for suspense, gore and things that go bump in the night. The submission period officially closed for the Bloody Shorts Film Competition on Tuesday, with 11 horror films competing for votes between now and November 4th. That means it is time for you to turn the lights off and watch some short and scary movies!

The competing films explore a good variety of sub-genres in horror, from based-on-true-events hauntings to Alfred Hitchcock Presents-style episodes and even horror-comedy. Tock is a terror lullaby of sorts, warning children of a man inside a clock that will take them in the night. Hush uses the simple yet effective formula of the babysitter hearing noises and the power going out, producing a short and sweet suspense thriller. Winner of the comedy shorts competition, John Tuccillo Jr. returns with the humor-infused The Dinner Guest, once again taking stoner comedy to a darker place.

Zombies, androids, cannibals, slashers and ghosts galore! You have plenty of ways to be scared by these short films. Vote for your favorite today! The winner will receive a prize of $300, and all of the participating filmmakers are available for you to contact and interact with.

So, go get your nightmare on!


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