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Video is Eating the World

November 3-5, 2021

Register for the most innovative video conference of the year. 




 AudPop, the video diversity leader, is hosting our 5th annual AudFest 2021. This year’s virtual video conference brings together video leaders building, growing, and innovating in the video economy. AudFest 2021 celebrates and champions diversity and innovation in video by bringing together our community of businesses, brands, agencies, technology partners, entrepreneurs, and video talent to talk about all things video. This year’s virtual event allows attendees and sponsors to dive deep into video marketing, creativity, and story. You will leave AudFest inspired and armed with ways to grow your brand, passion, and life through video.

#AudFest2021 Panels, Case Studies and Trend Talks

November 3, 2021

The Science of Storytelling: Changing Hearts & Minds

an Institute for Family & AudPop Case Study with Singularity University


Scaling your Next Video Campaign: Creating Video that Doesn’t Suck

AudPop Case Studies: The power of video and authentic storytelling


The Rising Tide of Community, Brand, and Story

C-level panelists discuss owning and building their community and video growth strategies


November 4, 2021

Video is Eating the World 

Featuring builders of platforms, technology, and marketing who are building the future of sales through video. 


Mission-Driven Stories are Saving the World ​

​A panel featuring leaders from non-profits, brands and agencies who are making video that drives results​


Exploding Growth with Story

A panel about status of video, creators, and why it is eating the world


November 5, 2021

Finding an Audience for Media that Matters

Featuring rockstar panelists from media, entertainment and brands doing good through telling stories of from people like us


Next Gen Video Creators: Making Meaning & Money Through Storytelling

​Learn from an expert panel of video growth experts best practices to grow business through video


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AudFest Panelist Quotes

How are you stepping up in 2020? “All 170+ of our Black players took to the pitch to make a statement. The coordination with the league and the broadcast amplified this and created a spotlight for social issues.”
Maribeth Towers, MLS Soccer

#AudFest #RightSideofHistory

“It’s about the impact of what we do on the world… Storytelling can change the world if you do it the right way.”
Aidan McLaughlin


“In 2020 we are so much more interconnected…people are having the moment of ‘how this is going to look’ because you can’t sweep it under the rug. You will get dragged.”
Denise Davies, Color Creative & Hoorae Media


“You absolutely must network with people who are different than you. If you don’t have a bunch of people in your speed dial who are a different gender and race than you, you are missing out on your chance to get smarter.”
Lisa Stone, West River Group


“You can’t deny somebody’s truth when they tell their story.”
Matt Anderson



Why AudPop Leads the Video Conversation 

Video increases customer engagement 13x, but getting quality video that works is difficult for businesses. AudPop solves this problem through our next-gen global video marketplace by connecting our 75K global videomaker network to opportunitesthrough our proprietary software and self-serve platform.

We offer brands, agencies, and non profits turnkey video contests, film challenges. Additionally, our matchmaking video talent marketplace helps Fortune 500 companies and small businesses identify and hire incredible video talent.

Since 2013, AudPop has operated film challenges and video contests for big brands like DELL, Sony, and Southwest Air, as well as campaigns for underrepresented entrepreneurs, small businesses, and video makers. We love bringing everyone together and providing opportunities for Video Creatives + businesses to work together.



AudPop boasts a community of 75K global video makers and animators, 13K videos on the platform, and 250K members who love our video content.

Past Events


AudFest 2020

3 Days

5 Panels

20 Speakers

500 badass women speak

AudFest 2019

3 Days

20 Panels. 100 films.

Missoula, Montana

Beverly Hills, California

AudFest 2018

3 days. 100 films. 10 media panels.

Impact Award: Matthew Lillard

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