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Welcome to the AudPop. We’d like contributors and viewers to understand the vision we have for our site and the standards to which we hold ourselves and the content we host. The founders of AudPop have a great desire to provide a safe space in which filmmakers may express themselves freely. While we strive to ensure content on this site is not harmful, we recognize art is meant to be provocative and the reception of art is subjective. With that in mind, we offer some community standards we hope will guide viewers and filmmakers alike.

These community standards apply to everything which takes place at and through and its related forums, all features of the site and all content that is posted for public viewing, for viewing by a more limited audience, emails, comments and any other communication.

The AudPop community consists of a wide variety of cultures and personalities, with varying backgrounds, ages, sensitivities and values. We want inclusive participation and engagement. If you are posting content solely with the intent to offend, harass or intimidate, reconsider. Making something provocative doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making art.

AudPop reserves the right at all times to curate content based on its own standards.

If you have doubts about your content or your motives, please contact AudPop. We are here to help you work and act with the highest level of integrity.

Community Standards for Content

You are solely responsible for your content and the decision to upload it to the site. The content should be original to you, in the public domain or licensed to you by third parties. If you are relying on other doctrines for the lawfulness of your posting, you need to identify to AudPop that portion of the content and the basis for your reliance. AudPop does not make legal decisions on your behalf.

You should not intend, and a reasonable person should not conclude, that anything in your content is intended to threaten, harm (physically, mentally, emotionally or psychologically), harass, intimidate, mislead, otherwise injure others or exploit anyone.

You should not intend, and a reasonable person should not conclude, that your content promotes racism, bigotry or hatred.

Your content should not contain personally identifiable information about a child under the age of thirteen (13) years.

Your content should not be obscene or pornographic, should not promote, contain a link to or provide information about adult websites, products or companies.

Your content should not be defamatory, disparaging, slanderous or libelous, and should not otherwise contain statements about a person that are false.

Statements offered in your content as facts are believed to be true and have a reasonable basis for such belief.

Your content should not impersonate or otherwise misrepresent an affiliation, association or connection with any person or entity.

Your content should not violate the privacy rights of any person or the rights of publicity of any person, including publication of private facts, intrusion into a place of seclusion, portrayal in a false light or false endorsement.

Your content should not disclose confidential information of a third party (for example, the trade secrets of a company).

Your content should not promote the goods or services of any person or entity unless such promotion is in response to a specific call by the AudPop.

Even with these community standards, we understand that context is everything. As stated above, we reserve the right to take action we deem appropriate regarding content.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Please note that you have no user right of privacy with regards to content that you upload, comments that you post, email that you transmit or other communications with this site. There is no right to know regarding decisions we make about content or our investigations into reports of abuse.

Although the AudPop does not routinely monitor all uploads, postings and communications, it may do so at any time and take any action it deems necessary. These actions may include, but are not limited to, removing, blocking access, editing, and/or reinstating content; suspending or closing user accounts and prohibiting future participation; or reporting content to law enforcement, especially if it involves children. Our decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

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