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Our 5th AudFest is Oct 1-3 in Missoula, Montana, and will be a live event + live stream in partnership with Singularity University.

AudPop connects businesses to creative video makers. We do this through our turnkey platform that easily runs video contests, film challenges, and our matchmaking video talent marketplace. AudPop boasts a community of 75K global video makers and animators, 13K videos on the platform, and 250K members who love our content. Since 2013, AudPop has run film challenges and video contests for big brands like DELL, Sony, and Southwest Air, as well as campaigns for underrepresented entrepreneurs, small businesses, and video makers. We love bringing everyone together and providing opportunities for Creatives + businesses to work together.

Each year, we host AudFest, our tentpole event that brings together our community of businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and AudPop creative talent.

We crave sitting around the fire telling our stories. And we are literally going to do that. In downtown Missoula. Where a river runs through it.

We will walk together through three days of arts, entertainment, panels, and films, all dedicated to taking a look back at the past year of what we just experienced and tell the story of what we learned in that time. Then thinking forward and how we apply what we experienced.

As a brand, how was work changed over the past year? What new stories are emerging from what we just lived through? What does the future of work look like? How are we telling our brand story differently?

You can expect the Missoula experience with film screenings, live music, films, panels, fireside chats, farm table dinners, and even a test kitchen.

We expect 750 people to attend the event this year.


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AudFest 2020 Quotes

How are you stepping up in 2020? “All 170+ of our Black players took to the pitch to make a statement. The coordination with the league and the broadcast amplified this and created a spotlight for social issues.”
Maribeth Towers, MLS Soccer

#AudFest2020 #RightSideofHistory

“It’s about the impact of what we do on the world… Storytelling can change the world if you do it the right way.”
Aidan McLaughlin


“In 2020 we are so much more interconnected…people are having the moment of ‘how this is going to look’ because you can’t sweep it under the rug. You will get dragged.”
Denise Davies, Color Creative & Hoorae Media


“You absolutely must network with people who are different than you. If you don’t have a bunch of people in your speed dial who are a different gender and race than you, you are missing out on your chance to get smarter.”
Lisa Stone, West River Group


“You can’t deny somebody’s truth when they tell their story.”
Matt Anderson


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