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December 8-10, 2020









 AudFest brings together media makers, brands, nonprofits, investors, entrepreneurs, marketers, and more to have real conversations about authentic story telling that connect us all.


What’s expected at AudFest?

If we included it all here, this page would be endless—but here are a few of our favorite things at AudFest:

  • Connections
  • Panel discussions
  • Fireside chats
  • Film screenings

What’s AudFest?

AudFest is an opportunity to collaborate with leaders of all kinds who are passionate about authentic storytelling. AudFest strives to create an environment where everyone can learn from each other to inspire meaningful change and make big things happen together.

Who attends AudFest?

Well, a little bit of everyone. From founders and creatives to publishers and brands, all who prioritize the importance of authentic storytelling and creating change through innovation are welcome at AudFest.

Who sponsors AudFest?

Our sponsors are just as unique as those who attend. Here are the industries that sponsor AudFest:

Media publishers
… and many, many more.


What conversations happen at AudFest?

You can expect to hear from the world’s most effective change makers to learn ways to take action, transform, and grow your organization, business, and relationships within a world that’s demanding more responsibility and accountability.


What opportunities are at AudFest?

If you’re an innovation leader seeking a stage to make an impact, email us about what you want to speak about and why. We’re always looking for new ways to inspire our audience each year.


How can I follow AudFest on social media?

It’s simple: Follow #AudFest2020 on your social channels!

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