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We understand where you’re coming from and where you want to go. Because after all—we’re filmmakers, too. That’s why our video entertainment platform has a wealth of resources to help you fuel your career.

At AudPop, we believe that stories can change the world—and it starts with you.

What you get

AudPop creates opportunities for filmmakers all over the world through the following career-advancing offerings:


Brand Partnerships

Through our partnerships with global brands, we connect you with some of the biggest companies in the world to work together on creating high-quality, authentic stories. Plus, your fresh perspective can lead to the chance to win big.


Filmmaker Profiles

No press? No problem. Our filmmaker profiles help you connect to brands looking for talent and audiences looking for authentic stories from passionate storytellers.


Increased Visibility

Our network of filmmakers benefit from increased visibility through our brand partnerships, distribution channels, and Filmmaker of the Week opportunities that reach over 200 million people.

You can also look forward to:


No entry fees for film contests and challenges.


Year-round opportunities to work with brands.


Receiving distribution deals for high-quality films.


Ownership over who sees your films.


Hosting online feedback parties and movie premieres.


Exposure and learning opportunities on AudNews.


Opportunities to be featured at our annual event, AudFest.

Brands you could work with

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"AudPop does an incredible job providing opportunities for content creators. They support their voice in a real way when it comes to creating and curating their stories, which is a real need in our industry right now as storytelling becomes more niche."


Deniese Davis, COO, Issa Rae’s Color Creative

"As filmmakers, making art and expressing ourselves in these unprecedented times is a powerful way to share our experiences and document this truly historical moment. I'm so grateful that AudPop provides a platform for our voices!"

– Marcy Stone-Francois, AudPop Filmmaker

"AudPop is great place for filmmakers to upload their work and build their audience"

– Andrea Glacomini, AudPop Filmmaker

"AudPop is the best platform! They take the time to call me and go the extra mile."

– Jesse Merriman, AudPop Filmmaker

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Gratitude, directed by Radha Mehta

With a strong desire to pursue the American Dream, Vipin Mehta immigrated to the US during the Vietnam War on a special visa conditional upon getting drafted on a moment’s notice. As a civil engineer, he worked for various companies but faced the stark reality of being laid off – twice – simply because his bosses could not understand him due to his thick accent. Under pressure to provide for his family of four, Vipin’s wife inspired him to start his own company in 1977. He provided pro bono services initially to prove his ability, and over time he was able to earn the trust of his clients. Since then, his company has been involved on some of America’s largest infrastructure projects that continue to serve as blueprints of civil engineering excellence around the world. Vipin’s gratitude and unending trust in his employees have inspired many to lead successful careers while making a positive impact in the civil engineering industry today.

Quentin Robinson

Filmmaker spotlight

Radha’s passion for storytelling started with her songwriting with original music featured on popular TV shows across networks including USA, MTV, E!, Oxygen, WE, VH1.

She has since crossed over to filmmaking with a recent focus on immigration and immigrants’ ability to assimilate into western (particularly American) cultures, with a personal love for stories of the South Asian diaspora (particularly those from her family). 

Opportunity that pops

The holidays are right around the corner—so AudPop, along with our partners, are looking for the very best holiday-themed short films for distribution. Anything from Halloween to New Year’s Day are welcome!

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