Every business has a story to tell. AudPop provides the Creative team, software, and  Creator community to tell yours. 



Our creative video as a service solution helps businesses create video to grow your company and engage your community.


AudPop’s Video as a Service. 

AudPop makes it easy to get the video you need for growth.


Video Marketing Services


Our creative team is deeply experienced, creative, and diverse. We will create a video solution, develop video content, and show you how to use the videos we create. Our team is based in NYC, LA, Montana, Paris, DC, London, and Phoenix. We look forward to creating an annual video marketing solution for all of you brands’ video needs.




Video Marketing Software


Our platform provides a video submissions platform that operates turnkey video contests. Our Creators submit videos according to your call to action. Submissions can be voted on and the winners selected by your team. Once the top content is selected, you receive the rights—and benefit from lead generation, SEO, and social media impressions.


Video Creator Community

We have access to 75K global video creators in all countries but six.

Based on your creative direction, creators submit their reels. They make videos saying why they want to work for you. AudPop’s creators power and scale your video production needs.  


Expand your video capabilities with AudPop

We have specific expertise in supporting agencies as they concept and execute clients’ video content. Our streamlined processes ensure that our partners and their clients have a seamless experience on every project, and our expert production crews along with our video marketing software allow us to reach even your most remote clients to grow their audience with video.


How-to Videos | social media videos 


live action

Product Videos | animations

user generated videos | customer videos


 Branded video and film content

short film

AudPop provides video as a service to meet all brand objectives including:


Simplified and scalable video creation


Creative oversight + account leadership


Managed + creative video marketing services


Payments, legal clearances, and rights management


Video transcoding, hosting, downloads, and social sharing


Transparent campaign analytics


Digital promotion via social media and targeted emails to over 200 million


Connected TV in-stream media spots across our distribution partners

Since 2013, AudPop has provided top-notch video services. Here are a few of our favorite case studies:

Ellevest Case Study

Investing in women with Ellevest

Ellevest—a financial company for women, by women—needed five filmmakers to create a video series that featured the company’s high-profile investors. AudPop put together five film crews in five cities for this five-part series—all in two weeks.

Taking storytelling to new heights with Southwest Airlines

Reuniting with a loved one. Chasing a dream. Seeing the world from a new perspective. In partnership with Southwest Airlines, filmmakers were challenged with bringing the best traveler story on board—and tell it in less than three minutes—to win 24 one-way flight e-passes for the United States and Puerto Rico.

Southwest Airlines
BBB Case Study

Encouraging gestures of trust with the Better Business Bureau

Honest. Transparent. Proactive. Humble. Equitable. These are the Better Business Bureau’s five gestures of trust—but what are yours? Filmmakers were challenged with submitting a video up to 3 minutes that shows an authentic, moving depiction of trust—with good sound and cinematography to boot. The goal? $21,000 in prizes.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

What does AudPop's video as a service entail?
  • Video marketing strategy plan
  • Video contests
  • Video marketing software with third party 
  • Video creator freelancer marketplace
  • Video content for your business – every month of the year
Why do I need video for my business?

Video increases customer engagement on a website by 13x. Video increases sales 6x. Every business needs video to engage customers, build their brand essence, tell their story and sell. Whether for social media, emails, or your website/app, let AudPop help you get all of the video you need, within your budget. 

What types of videos do I need?

AudPop creators produce do all types of videos, at scale and within your budget. Popular videos that businesses need include (but not limited to):
– How-to videos
– Product videos
– About us videos
– Animations/explainers
– Video editing
– Short video ads
– App & website videos


What is the right budget to get quality video?

Our Creators are top-notch. We suggest a minimum budget of $2,000 per 1-minute video and scaling up from there. For quick social videos, plan on $300 for a 15-second video and scale up from there for quality and reach.


How does AudPop video creator marketplace compare to Fiverr or Upwork?

Fiverr and Upwork are great at being Fiverr and Upwork.

The difference between AudPop and the other video marketplaces:

1. We are video first. Created by filmmakers, AudPop’s #1 job is to connect video creatives to businesses. This is not our 400th product, it is our first product;

2. Our creative brief process + special sauce makes sure that you not only get great video, but work with someone you love;

3. We work with you and make sure you are getting what and who you need for your project;

4. Audience and customer building – we help you not just get great video, but increase brand awareness and host and promote your projects and videos that you acquire through AudPop;

5. 75K global filmmakers + AudPop’s diverse team who cares deeply about authentic, quality storytelling = feel-good-right-side-of-history quality work.

What's the difference between video contests and hiring a video Creator?

Launch a video contest to get several videos with different perspectives vs one exact video that you design. With video contests, you receive all types of perspectives, stories, and ideas that get shared across social, receive audience voting, lead generation, and more. 

Hire a Creator when you have a specific video need and will want to work with your Creator to get the exact video/edits you need. 

Why AudPop?

Diversity is our $uperpower.

At AudPop, diversity must be behind the lens to unleash a truly unique, authentic story. That’s why we pride ourselves on our diverse network of 75,000 filmmakers from all over the world.

We work with any budget.

AudPop provides an affordable and seamless video marketing solution to create the video you need as well as drive audience engagement through our video campaigns.

We’re Creators too.

AudPop is built by filmmakers, art directors, creative directors, writers, producers, technologists, and innovators. We understand the importance for brands to tell authentic stories and for Creators to have more opportunities to make their dreams come true.

Ready to get the video you need for growth? 

AudPop works but don’t just take our word for it.

Here is what some of our clients have to say about working with us. 


Liz Matthews

“The need for video is increasing at exponential rates. Video is expensive to create at volume. I love getting to untapping creatives and I hate wasting dollars. AudPop creators and DELL can do unbelievable work and disrupt the traditional way of working together. For a leader like me, that is super interesting.”

– Liz Matthews, SVP of Global Brand, Creative & Experiential Marketing, Dell Technologies

Lynn Casey

“AudPop has built a global network of video storytellers from towns and communities around the world. Boots on the ground with cameras on their shoulders. I think every business should tap the AudPop network and blow their projects up!”

– Lynn Casey, Shine Scout

Liz Matthews

“The need for video is increasing at exponential rates. Video is expensive to create at volume. I love getting to untapping creatives and I hate wasting dollars. AudPop creators and DELL do unbelievable work and disrupt the traditional way of working together. For a leader like me, that is super interesting.”

– Liz Matthews, SVP of Global Brand, Creative & Experiential Marketing, Dell Technologies

Stacy Katz

“It has been such an amazing experience discovering and working with AudPop to get the video I needed to promote my new company. The way the creative brief process is handled on AudPop was a fast track to fulfilling my creative vision”

– Stacy Katz, Game Inventor

Chris Carfi

“AudPop is an outstanding partner. The team is professional, their process rock-solid, and the videos submitted as part of our video contest exceeded even our highest expectations for quality and storytelling. They nailed it!

– GoDaddy, Content Marketing

Mike Turner

“The best video content for the right price. Everyone should use them over and over.

– Mike Turner, DELL

In 2022, video is a must-have for growth. Contact us now to get your video strategy marketing plan. Learn More