The 10 best films to watch with your kids on Mother’s Day – (if you’re a little weird)

May 12, 2017

(Warning: This isn’t your mother’s 10 best list. You won’t find any Steel Magnolias or extra terrestrials here.)

When my husband asked what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day, it came as no surprise that I asked for long letters from each of my children, that we all eat good food together at some point and that we go see King Arthur: Legend of the Sword or Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I don’t care about reviews.

I love movies almost as much as I love my kids (who are 12 and 15). The following is a list of the best movies to watch with them (in no particular order).

1. The Princess Bride – Any. Day. William Goldman’s 1987 classic about treachery, revenge and true love never gets old.

2. Pitch Perfect – No one here’s saying every movie needs a sequel. I am saying Elizabeth Banks’ original vision = brilliant. It’s important for children of all genders to see that winning by singing is possible.

3. We Are Marshall – I’m a sucker for sports movies in general, but any sports movie about a triumphant underdog (especially when there’s a moving pregame speech) is always a sure thing.

4. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – If you’re going to encourage misbehavior, it should be in the most clever way possible. Also, that parade scene.

5. Say Anything – My best parenting advice: Introduction to Lloyd Dobler should happen as soon as possible.

6. The Fundamentals of Caring – This is a new one for us, but in the year this Netflix original has been streaming, my kids and I have watched it at least nine times. We actually cheer at the end.

7. Spanglish – I just heard screenwriter Brian Koppelman say people don’t often love this flick, which I find unbelievable. For a family who loves food, the sandwich alone makes this a must-see.

8. Remember the Titans – Please refer back to #3 and add Ryan Gosling dancing in the locker room.

9. The Martian – The best use of “sh*t” my children have ever heard.

10. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Amidst all the magic the new Star Wars holds for me, the most powerful was sitting between my son and daughter to watch a young woman find the immense power within her.


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