4 Great Short Films to Inspire Social Change

December 21, 2018

Winter is a great time to envoke social change. Watch these five short films on social change to inspire you this Christmas season.

1. Grey by Kent Donguines 

Though the script has a very strong, literal connection to the issues of racism and gender equality, the message behind Grey can apply to any situation where there are opposing worlds and ideas. Through experimental editing and dance, they are able to experience each other’s worlds and create a realm of their own.

Grey by Kent Donguines

Watch Grey by Kent Donguines

2. Sleep Well, My Baby by Aaron Tao

A narrative film based on the harrowing reality of human trafficking along the Chinese/North Korean border, Sleep Well, My Baby follows the incredible journey of a refugee who has everything taken from her and goes to desperate measures to get it back. Watch Sleep Well, My Baby by Aaron Tao

Sleep Well, My Baby by Aaron Tao


3. RE V O L U T I O N by Olga Dobrowolska

(R) Evolution is a short film manifest, a message, a call for global detox and healing within ourselves. It has been delivered through Odna as a director, writer, and performer with a team of incredibly talented artists. Watch (R)evolution by Olga Dobrowolska

Revolution by Olga Dobrowolska


4. The Typist by Kristine Stolakis

From the archives of the “queer Smithsonian,” San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society, comes the forgotten history of a gay Korean War veteran who was tasked with writing the military discharges of outed gay seamen. Watch The Typist by Kristine Stolakis

The Typist by Kristine Stolakis



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