5 Vampires That We May Have Forgotten About

May 16, 2014

The vampire has been a popular figure for movies, from the Silent Era to the Modern Era. It was just a few years ago when it exploded all over again because of the “Twilight” movies. Now audiences have Jim Jarmusch’s new film, “Only Lover’s Left Alive,” and last year Italian director, Dario Argento made his own film about Count Dracula, that movie was in 3D. Neil Jordan even recently came back to the genre with his film, “Byzantium.”

While there are so many vampire films out there, we’re bound to forget about some. So here’s a refresher look at five vampires films that you may remember or you don’t. It all depends on what kind of a vampire movie watcher you are.


  1. “The Addiction” (1995)

“The Addiction” was directed by Abel Ferrara and the film starred Lili Taylor, Christopher Walken, Annabella Sciorra, and Edie Falco. Some call this film an allegory to drug addiction, which is fitting. In the film, Taylor’s character is a grad student who is turned into a vampire. She tries to come to terms with immortality and the thirst for blood.



  1. “Vampire Circus” (1972)

Hammer Productions have been known for their vampire films, especially the Christopher Lee Dracula movies. “Vampire Circus,” isn’t a vampire film or a Christopher Lee film, it’s a movie about a village that is quarantined because of a plague, lucky for them a circus comes to take brighten the spirits. Though something is wrong, something more sinister starts happening after the circus comes into town. Robert Young had directed the movie, and Adrienne Corris, Thorley Walter, and Anthony Higgins starred in it.



  1. “The Forsaken” (2001)

Okay I even forgot about “The Forsaken,” so I picked up a copy one day, and found out it’s not that great of a movie. It’s really one of those movies that are good because of how edgier it was than most considered vampire teen movies. It’s basically about a young man who takes a cross country trip, and from there he meets up with a vampire hunter, and a girl that has been bitten. The three of them are being hunted down by the master vampire. The movie really reminded me of John Carpenter’s “Vampires.” Kerr Smith, Brendan Fehr, Izabella Miko, and Johnathon Schaech starred in the movie, while J.S. Cardone directed it.


  1. “Son of Dracula” (1943)

I think that some of us forgot that Lon Chaney Jr. didn’t just play a werewolf, in “Son of Dracula,” he was a vampire. Robert Paige, Louise Allbritton, and Evelyn Ankers starred with Chaney Jr. Robert Siodmak directed the movie, and yes it’s part of the Universal “Dracula” movies.

Vampire Journals

  1. “Vampire Journals” (1997)

I actually watched “Vampire Journals,” before I seen any of the “Subspecies” movies. If you think about it has a standalone movie and not a spinoff movie of the series, then it’ a pretty good movie. It’s about a vampire hunter, who tries to save a young pianist after she gets kidnapped into a club that is run by vampires. Ted Nicolaou directed the movie, while Jonathon Morris, David Gunn, Kirsten Cerre, and Starr Andreeff starred in it.


So those five vampire movies were either movies that you may remember or some that you may have just forgotten existed. If you have forgotten them give them a chance again.


Thanks to Audience Writer, Kellie Haulotte



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