2019 Pop Culture Shorts Film Festival Winners

Announcing AudPop’s 2019 Pop Culture Shorts Film Festival Winners

October 23, 2019

AudPop is excited to announce the 2019 Pop Culture Short Film Festival Winners.

As per the norm, we received a plethora of films, and therein lies the difficulty, narrowing down to the top five. One of the benefits of laboring over these short films is showcasing them for you.

1st Place Winner - The One & The Other

1st Place Winner – The One & The Other

Hadi Moussally, filmmaker

The One & The Other short film asks the ultimate question: “How do we define ourselves?” As is the evolution of the human experience, we emerge into our true selves as we live life and come to know who we are. If you’re interested in seeing more of Hadi Moussally’s work, please go here.

2nd Place Winner - OUTcome

2nd Place Winner – OUTcome

Sean Dylan Perry, filmmaker

OUTcome short film discusses personal acceptance for oneself, and how this acceptance must originate from inside rather than from external sources.

“Finding a solid story that I wanted to tell, a story with depth and something current and relatable was the hardest part, so I decided to use my coming out story. It’s what was familiar to me, what was real, and it was relatable in the fact that the percentage of LGBTQ youth and just, in general, was on the rise.

When I started the process of my thesis film I thought it was not possible. I thought it was too much, but I am happier than ever that I was able to do it. It even inspired me more as a writer and a director, to tell my stories and create my content. Besides acting, that has been one of my main goals, creating content that Hollywood sugar coats, telling the truth, my truth and not being afraid of it.

Follow your dreams and trust that every decision you make, every road you travel will lead you to your destination. Use your heart and create art.”

– Sean Dylan Perry

If you’d like to see more of Sean Dylan Perry’s work, you can find him here.

3rd Place Winner - Kiss Me Malibu

3rd Place Winner – Kiss Me Malibu

Mikel Arraiz, filmmaker

Kiss Me Malibu short film calls out the extreme influence of religion, culture, media, and personal belief systems on “male-female relationships.” This film “makes fun of us and the roles we take in that process, without making any moral judgments.”

“Participating in an Audience Awards contest has always been a great pleasure. It is a great experience and opportunity to meet filmmakers and to show my work.

Kiss Me Malibu team is super excited for being one of the winners of Audience Awards 2019 Pop Culture Shorts Film Festival! We want to thank you for creating such a great experience for filmmakers. Your festival is a must!”

– Mikel Arraiz

If you’re interested in following Mikel Arraiz’s work, please go here.


Honorable Mention - Positive

Positive short film – Hadi Moussally, filmmaker

Positive short film is “a monochrome portrait of unorthodox beauty [that] highlights the uncommon skin condition of Vitiligo and Albions.” If you’re interested in seeing more of Hadi Moussally’s work, please go here.

One-to-One ; Conversación short film- Cristian García Zelada

One-to-One ; Conversación short film gives visual to a young man meeting Jesus, which culminates in an honest exchange about suffering and pain. If you’d like to follow Cristian García Zelada, you can go here.

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