2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival Winners

Announcing the Winners of Audience Awards 2019 LGTBQ Shorts Film Festival

July 15, 2019

Audience Awards is delighted to announce our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for our 2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival. We received a number of great LGBTQ films, and with the help of the audience and the jurors, we’ve narrowed the films down to the Top Three Winners and Two Honorable Mentions.

Two Words - 1st Place Winner of the 2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival

Two Words – 1st Place Winner

Jesper Emborg – Filmmaker

Two Words navigates the crevasses of grief and self-acceptance when a father discloses his sexual orientation to his daughter after 35 years of keeping it a secret. Two Words creates an intimate connection between the viewer and the film’s characters for a lasting impression. If you’re curious to see what else Jesper Emborg is up to, please follow him here: http://www.jesper-emborg.eu/

The Goodbye - 2nd Place Winner of the 2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival

The Goodbye – 2nd Place Winner

George Velez Junior

The Goodbye traverses the messiness of human relations on the best and worst of days. As a young gay man finds his way through one of his most difficult times, honesty and love co-mingle to create a heartfelt and humorous film. If you’re interested in seeing more of George Velez Junior’s work, please follow him here: https://www.georgevelezjunior.com/

Truth - 3rd Place Winner of the 2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival

Truth – 3rd Place Winner

öykü Aytulun, Filmmaker

Truth tells the story of a mother learning the truth about her daughter’s life after a tragic accident. Truth exposes the ever present but pushed aside reality of time running its course and how important it is to speak one’s truth sooner rather than later. You can find more about öykü Aytulun here.

Honorable Mentions

Silver Light - 2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival Honorable Mention

Silver Light – Fred Kuhr, Filmmaker

Silver Light is a love story of an openly gay man losing his lover who is not ready to accept his own homosexuality. Follow Fred Kuhr’s work here: https://www.facebook.com/fredkuhr

Stretching the Play - 2019 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival Honorable Mention

Stretching the Play – Charlee Avis, Filmmaker

Stretching the Play tracks the evolution of two girls finding their way to one another: one is too scared to venture out of the closet and the other is hurting because of the delay. Interested in seeing more of Charlee Avis’ work? Here you go: https://vimeo.com/charleeavis

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