2019 Dramatic Film Festival Winners

Announcing the Winners of AudFest 2019 Dramatic Short Film Festival

September 30, 2019

AudPop is proud to announce the winners of our 2019 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival. What a fantastic festival with so many amazing films. There were over 220 films submitted to this contest. With the help of the audience and the jurors, the films were narrowed down to the top five winners.

1st Place Winner - The Outside is Better (Afuera es Mejor) - Laura Mojica Moreno

1st Place Winner – The Outside is Better (Afuera es Mejor)

Laura Mojica Moreno, filmmaker

The Outside is Better addresses a disturbing reality that two sisters share and how they find a way out. Thank you, Moreno, for submitting your film to our 2019 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival.

“Winning this festival not only means being seen and being honored by the jurors who chose us as the final winner, but also means that our story had an impact on the public, that each vote allowed our characters and their voices to come alive.”

– Laura Mojica Moreno

If you’d like to learn more about Moreno’s work, you can find her here.

2nd Place Winner - Options - Michael Wooldridge

2nd Place Winner – Options

Michael Wooldridge, filmmaker

Options charges into the unsettling turn ones’ life can take when a family has buried secrets for generations. Wooldridge has created an engaging and dramatic film worth watchin. If you’d like to learn more about this film, you can find out here.

3rd Place Winner - Fugue - Lily Evenyn Mitchell

3rd Place Winner – Fugue

Lily Evelyn Mitchell, filmmaker

Fugue pulls the audience into grief and remembrance, as the past and present converge to the degree that reality illuminates little light. Mitchell delivers an intense film, submerging the heart into the depths of grief and loss.

“Our team is honored to have been part of the Audience Awards’ 2019 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival! We are thrilled that Fugue was so well received and hope it left a lasting impression on those who had the chance to watch it. Thank you for including Fugue in this wonderful opportunity.”

– Lily Evelyn Mitchell

If you’d like to follow her work, you can find her here.

2019 Dramatic Shorts Film Festival -Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention - Litium - Natalie Envall

Litium – Natalie Envall, filmmaker

Litium is an engaging film traversing the unknown regions of the minds of three different people ensconced in bipolar disease. Envall interlaces their different but devastatingly similar stories into a patchwork of understanding and discovery.

“What I found most challenging [in making this film] was stepping into a leader role. I had directed at school before, but this was my first big project I had written myself… I learned to put a little bit of myself into the character and story and go from there. Being part of Audience Awards has been a great experience! I feel so grateful for this opportunity.”

– Natalie Envall

Would you like to learn more about her, go here.

Honorable Mention - if you never answered x - Daniel McKee

if you never answered x – Daniel McKee, filmmaker

If you never answered x catalogs a series of happenings through social media. McKee instills a quiet panic as the film progresses, luring the audience on a hunt for what’s lost.

“One of the most challenging aspects of making the film was creating all the messages, sequencing them, and integrating them into the story in a way that felt engaging. Thank you for putting the film in front of your [viewers] and giving the film a new lease of life online.”

– Daniel McKee

If you’re interested in more of his work, you can find him here

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