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April 20, 2020

Love short film? Check out AudPop’s 10K titles in multiple genres

Short film is AudPop’s jam. From live-action to animation, from documentary to LGBTQ, AudPop has over 10k short films in their library available to watch for free. You can peruse short film titles by AudPop’s infamous staff picks, audience vote, trending, most views, most votes, online film festival, the jury selected, audience review, and more.

And another fun way to watch and enjoy the very best of the AudPop short film library is to subscribe to the best short film OTT channel in the world. AudPop’s curated library of short films at Audience Awards TV for just $1.99/month. Categories and short film channels at Audience Awards TV include comedy, animation adventure, horror, LGBTQ, live-action, drama, sci-fi, music, and dance, made by women, nature, social justice, inspiration, experimental, Native American, romance, short films from the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and faith and spirituality short films.

But if you want to watch short films for free, here is where you can start.

Here are some of our favorite short films from the AudPop library, available to watch for free:

From the comedy channel, here is Giraffe by Janne Schmidt. Synopsis: When Elsa is hired by a call center company, after a somewhat remarkable job interview, she can start off immediately. However, after a short introduction, a certain problem occurs. Elsa and her team cannot satisfy the unusual request from the caller and the sales volume starts to decrease rapidly. After many attempts, she thinks she might have the solution. Watch the comedy short film here.

Giraffe by Janne Schmidt

Featuring award-winning animation short films

Like Jacob Frey’s The Present. AudPop animator/filmmaker Jacob Frey is an award-winning director/character animator from Hilden, Germany. His short films have been screened on numerous film festivals worldwide where they have won over one hundred awards in total. His short film THE PRESENT (2014) went viral on social media once it got released online in early 2016 and caught over 150 million views.

His credits as an animator include Walt Disney Animation’s “Zootopia” & “Moana” as well as Illumination Entertainment’s “The Secret Life of Pets”.

You can watch The Present on AudPop for free here.

Check out Gay short films and lesbian short films in AudPop library.

AudPop is gay, gay, gay. So check out our LGBTQ short films here and you can also search for LGBTQ short films here.

One of our favorites is the short film Brix and the Bitch by filmmaker Nico Raineau. Trapped in a seedy and illegal fight club, one woman’s only chance for escape is to win a brutal brawl against the one person she refuses to harm. Trapped in a seedy and illegal fight club, one woman’s only chance for escape is to win a brutal brawl against the one person she refuses to harm.

Nico Raineau is an award-winning filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. His career in film began as a director’s assistant before then transitioning into creative development for companies based at Warner Bros. Studios. In 2015, Raineau was a Top 10 Filmmaker Finalist on the fourth season of HBO’s Project Greenlight. He is also an outspoken feminist filmmaker, having been a 2016 finalist for #TheFWord feminist film contest as well as a featured panelist at the 2016 Phoenix Film Festival. Raineau is currently packaging his first feature film, and is also the owner of Amfran Entertainment, a production company based in Los Angeles, California.

Watch Brix and the Bitch here.

Needless to say, there are so many great short films to watch on AudPop. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY!

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