Film Face-Off: The Tower vs. Judy’s Rock

August 11, 2014

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The Audience Awards Monday Film Face Off

Did you know we have a library of over 900 short films? Every Monday, we are curating two of the best for you to watch and quickly choose your favorite. This week’s contenders are The Tower vs. Judy’s Rock. What’s your favorite?

The Tower

The Tower follows environmental activist, Sam Lovejoy, and his story of tearing down a tower at a nuclear power plant. The plant, in Montague, Massachusetts was one of the two biggest power plants in the U.S. in the ‘70s. Lovejoy’s motivation behind knocking down the tower was his daughter Sequoia. Watch Lovejoy reflect on the trial that followed his objection to nuclear power.

Judy’s Rock

Judy Kellen is not only a sweet, charming older woman, but also a determined civil rights activist. Judy’s Rock takes place in a small farming community in the rolling hills of Illinois. The Peabody Energy Company, the largest coal company in the world, has come in and is displacing the community and destroying the environment. Watch as Judy fights for her civil rights and against the imposing coal company. Interested in film festivals dedicated to issues of human rights and environmental conservation? Check out the Audience Award’s list of Film Festivals That Are Making A Difference.


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