IFF (Institute for Family) Announces Winners of ONE LINE FAMILY FILM CHALLENGE and Shares New Filmmaker Challenge

August 25, 2020

IFF One Line Family Film Challenge

The Institute for Family (IFF) hosted a film challenge on AudPop, asking filmmakers to share what family means to them in just one shot. Filmmakers from around the country participated in the quickfire challenge, submitting 3-to-15 second videos on AudPop. In just one week, twenty-four filmmakers participated in the IFF One Line Family Film Challenge. $1,000 in cash prizes were awarded to four filmmakers. Watch the winners’ films below!

Winners of the Institute for Family One Line Family Film Challenge

GRAND PRIZE WINNER ($500 cash prize)
4 generations, Director: Jade Jenise Dixon

Submitting to the One Line Family Challenge contest via Audpop, for the Institute for Family was, in some ways, part of a healing process. I named the submission 4 generations because, although one generation is absent, she was still present in spirit. In the video are my mom, my sister, myself and my sister’s granddaughter. A family tragedy took my sister’s daughter away. But our “village” has been there to pick up the pieces and help raise the children she left behind. In the video is one of the 3 children our family is raising. Her smile helps to lift all of our spirits. She may never truly remember her parents, but we will do our best to afford her a life filled with love, joy and hope.

Jade Jenise Dixon, Grand Prize Winner

FIRST RUNNER-UP ($300 cash prize)
FAMILY IS EVERYTHING, Director: Ligia Lotus Soares

HONORABLE MENTIONS ($1,000 cash prize each)
Family is the eternal challenge of acceptance., Director: Alan Chriest

Family Means Remembering Who You Are, Director: Christina Igaraividez

Enter IFF’s New Family Film Challenge

The Institute for Family (IFF) has partnered with AudPop to provide another family-oriented challenge to filmmakers. The Family Stories Film Challenge is accepting submissions from now until September 28th, awarding filmmakers $10,000 in cash prizes. Learn more about the challenge at AudPop.


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