Meet the Winning Filmmakers in the DELL 8K Outdoor Adventure Video Contest

March 14, 2018

DELL asked the Audience Awards community to show the world the beauty of 8K footage in DELL’s 8K Outdoor Adventure Video Contest. From a coastal journey across the United States to an intimate timelapse of a day in Xinjiang, the top three films will make you want to load up the car and hit the open road!

The first place winning film, Changing Landscape-Our Journey Across The States by Anthony Berenato Jr. highlights the adventure of two brothers who packed up their bags for the trip of a lifetime. Berenato talked to us about this experience and his motivation behind the film.

My brother and I waited nearly four years before we both had the freedom to make this road trip happen, and surprisingly enough – the day we were packing my car was the same day I received an e-mail from the Audience Awards inviting me to participate in their new 8K video contests sponsored by DELL. I knew I was bringing along a RED camera and a few lenses to capture the scenery across the country, but this invigorated me to get out and see a bit more. The timing was too perfect, and I knew I wanted to try my best to capture some great moments. … If there’s one thing I could leave for people who live stateside… Go out and see things. A good old road trip isn’t that scary. You’ll get to see how everything changes between all the miles – the landscape, the plants, the animals, and the culture. A camera can’t capture everything, but hopefully, it can convince others to experience these moments for themselves.

In second place is Michele & Howard Hall’s film, Trashing It which not only shows off the beauty of the ocean but also how it is threatened. Hall’s breathtaking shots explore the ocean and its vibrant colors and marine life. As the film concludes, we are reminded that it is mankind who is harming one of our greatest and most precious resources. Hall shared with us what it was like creating his 8K film and competing in the contest.

I was certainly pleased to win a second place jury award for video in the Audience Awards competition. Although I have been shooting in 8K resolution for almost a year, this was the first time I have made a film in this format. The file sizes and computer horsepower needed to work in 8K certainly made making even a one-minute film difficult. I’m glad that the Audience Awards accepted the challenge to judge videos in this futuristic video format.

Watch Trashing It by Michele & Howard Hall

In third place, Samson Tang draws the audience into the allure of Xinjiang in his film XinJiang Timelapse.

Watch XinJiang Timelapse by Samson Tang

A huge thanks to our community of creatives and filmmakers who submitted, and hearty congratulations to the winners!

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