Name It: Best Worst Sequel Titles

September 29, 2014

Despite all the magical glory of the movies, Hollywood, the capitol of American filmmaking, can often feel anything but fresh. One common complaint these days is over the unimaginative recycling and rebooting of old franchises, series and simple ideas. This summer we saw the continuation of at least seven different franchises, with a wide range of respect (Marvel) and anguish (Transformers.) On top of that, 2014 includes the rebooting of such characters as Jack Ryan, Godzilla, RoboCop, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Sometimes, naming sequels is just a matter of slapping on a 2 or 3, maybe a roman numeral. With the exception of pretty much just Dirty Harry and James Bond, the studios consistently feel the need to keep as much of the original title around, as to not confuse audiences. The latest trend has been to tack on the most soul-crushing of subtitles.

For instance, take some of the ideas for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel: Beyond DarknessBlack of KnightDarkness FallsShadow of the NightThe Blackest Hour, etc. Let’s say we can probably assume this sequel will be dark (and that it will either allude to a bad horror movie about the tooth fairy or include a cameo from Martin Lawrence.)

So, tell us, which sequel titles do you love to hate? From squeakquels to dumberers to electric boogaloos, we want the best of the worst.


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