Name It: Ghost Movies!

October 20, 2014

We are less than two weeks away from All Hallow’s Eve, which falls on a Friday (the 31st is just 13th flipped around soo.) Naturally, we can expect to see the familiar sights of kids dawning their best skeletons, witches, Frankensteins and, the most simple and classic of costumes, the ghost. Some of us might go as far as to say there will be plenty to see as far as real ghosts go, seeing as The Day of the Dead shares the same territory as Halloween. Whether you believe it or not, there is no denying that the weekend will be full of superstition.

Ghosts are a tricky phenomenon when it comes to their role in cinema. Traditionally, Hollywood has chosen to represent them with a lighter, almost cuter tone in family movies and comedies (i.e ghosts dressing as ghosts in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice.) Popular horror films will often choose to use a variation of the ghost, too often in the form of diseased little kids. Sometimes they are inhabitants of old houses or hotels, and sometimes they are inhabitants of damaged psyches and cursed minds. They even show up wholly outside of their genre, a couple notable romance films coming to mind.

Wherever the case, ghosts are not something we can shake so long as we are transfixed on the afterlife, or so long as we have white bedsheets. So, turn on your flashlights (or your shop-vacs) and tell us the best ghost movies you come up with!


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