Name It: Movies With Witches

October 6, 2014

That’s right, folks. The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping and October has arrived. As we all know, despite the holiday being at the very end of October, this month is always overshadowed by Halloween, making the holiday almost feel like a 30-day fever dream of costumes, decorations, pop-up party stores, and candy. So much candy. So, let’s put our heads together this month and name some movies each week that will fit the spooky autumn that is descending upon us.

Witches seem like a good start, right? Despite any of the tragic historical context, they remain one of the utmost classic Halloween characters and costume ideas, gracing the surface of window stickers, party napkins and school supplies nearly two months in advance. They have also inhabited a lot of movies, making appearances in everything from classic musicals to trashy horror to beloved animated films. (Not to mention the new film Into the Woods, hitting theaters in December.)

So get out your cauldrons, but don’t go too Shakespeare on us. We want to hear loud cackles and see your broomsticks (or vacuum cleaners) ready to fly. The season of the witch is upon us! How many films can you think of to celebrate?


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