Does New “Doctor Who” Chief Mean A Diverse Doctor?

June 14, 2017

Entertainment Weekly published an article this week on Chris Chibnall, the new show-runner for Doctor Who. Chibnall will be looking to be “risky and bold” with his take on the popular British sci-fi drama. “Risky and bold” is a vague phrase, where all does this apply for the show?

People across the world are speculating what this means for the 53-year-old series. Especially with regards to the replacement of current lead actor Peter Capaldi. Capaldi took over the titular role in 2014 and will end his run this Christmas. When he was hired the trend continued of the white male protagonist as a hero.  This disgruntled some fans of the show.

The show made a turn towards diversity in the casting of actress Pearl Mackie as the Doctor’s newest companion Bill Potts. Mackie has been met with a very warm reception from both critics and fans.

Chibnall says “I don’t read any of that” in regards to fan clamors over the next actor to play the Doctor. Casting a female or non-white actor would certainly fall into the “risky and bold” area. Rumored candidates for the role include Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Death in Paradise’s Kris Marshall.






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