Phillip E. Walker – Short Film Man

April 19, 2019

Article was originally written by Phillip E. Walker himself.

To close his 2019 Black History Month musings, prolific Hollywood talent Phillip E. Walker-MFA (700+ gigs or public appearances in his first 4 1⁄2 LA years) recalls how he fell in love with the short film as a successful art form in and of itself. Just months after his fall 2014 move to Rancho Cucamonga USA in California’s Inland Empire (America’s fasting growing region), PhilE discovered Shorts. Since then he has acted in 51 such films – mostly playing major roles. “It’s wonderful how one can tell a total story in less than 15 short minutes,” says Walker, “fitting perfectly with the rhythm of today’s times.” Phillip also likes that he can shoot a whole film in one or two days of work!
Exampled with Mr. Walker’s Audience Award distributed “Twinkies & Root Beer” (T&R) linked at, this actor/activist strives to use short films to accomplish a purpose. T&R being his most celebrated short (with 25 film festival awards) drives Worldwide community development through his KINDNESS ACTIVITY GUIDE at

Phil’s video directorial debut newest Short, “” exposes illegal
Hollywood employer miss treatment of workers. Premiering spring 2019, to date this petite motion picture already has been Officially Selected for half of its planned 25 Worldwide film festival screenings.

Having swept the international BlackMovieFest and regional Inland Empire Film Festival 2018 Awards, Walker’s most successful petite motion picture to date is “Lew’s Up First”, a homage to Abbott & Costello’s famous classic stand-up comedy routine “Who’s on First”. As much of its success can be attributed to the fall 2018 USA Nationwide airings on BadamiTV’s “African American Short Films” Network TV local affiliates, syndicated 1st run series, “Lew’s Up First” represents agreeably Phillip Eugene Walker’s best short film performance to date.

With his https://Entertainer.Academy displaying Worldwide short film marketing prowess, this Walker family patriarch’s second most successful short film to date has gained accolades at 17+ different film festivals, among 60+ selections, in 18+ countries, on 6 continents plus 14+ United State debuts. Therein, he stars in the California State University -Long Beach student film “Darkroom”, dubbed at its 70th Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner Worldwide Release as a “dysfunctional family thriller”.
Finally, this author of “Entry Level Acting in LA 2016”, downloadable at and the Sherpa that helps new to Los Angeles actors climb the full-time talent employment mountain through his traveling workshop “Hollywood Actor Jobs” and his early October 2019 13 day-long Southern California residency, in short, Phillip E Walker just loves performing full-time while producing, directing, and acting in short films on the side.

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