Presenting Film Commission Poland

August 9, 2016

What is your film commission’s mission?

Film Commission Poland is a non-profit organization established in 2012 in order both to improve recognition of Poland and its regions as stunning film locations and to put the potential of the Polish audiovisual sector to effective use. Its primary purpose is threefold: to coordinate the work of national and regional entities in attracting foreign film productions to Poland; to ensure a cohesive promotion of the audiovisual potential abroad; and to provide support for foreign productions made in the country.

Film Commission Poland

What makes your film commission unique?

We strongly believe that our team is our strongest point. The team of Film Commission Poland consists of experienced professionals with a broad knowledge of the film industry. The background of each member is a little different, so we complement each other. FCP is still a young organization, so the creativity, passion, and dedication to work are still vivid in the team.

What are some perks to filming in your location?

Undeniably, our locations remain one of the most decisive factors in deciding to produce foreign films in Poland. Poland can satisfy every need – she boasts a wealth of landscapes, picturesque mountains and lakes, vast forests and sea coasts, which often resemble beaches from other parts of the world. A serious advantage is also the architecture of Polish towns – providing locations from various epochs and periods. What is important, everything is within reach, close to each others, and in places accessible by trucks. Thanks to professional support, knowledge of foreign languages and competitive prices, Polish companies are able to successfully compete with foreign companies from Western and East-Central Europe.

Film Commission Poland

What marketing materials did you submit to the Creativity Awards?

Best Video Reel / Trailer:–85631

The real challenge in creating this video reel was to squeeze the variety of very unique Polish locations in the film under 90 seconds. We wanted the reel to be very dynamic, but also pleasant to watch. What we think we have managed to achieve is the balance between proving the beauty of Polish locations and leaving the viewer intrigued.

Best Ad Design:

We have been working over the new claim and layout with our agency for some time and we are very happy with the result. The new claim and layout allow us to present Polish resources in an unconventional way, avoiding an array of pictures usually used by national film commissions in the struggle to show all the best spots in the country. We know this struggle very well, as previously we used to exploit such a layout. The new claim and layout are used in the ads in the paper magazines, in the social media (i.e. or, during film market (, on our roll-ups, etc.

Film Commission Poland

Best Promotional Swag

The whole process of producing the Film Commmission Poland’s & the Polish Film Institute’s bag – from the idea, through collaboration with professional graphic designers, looking for high quality materials and choosing the right producer was conducted by Film Commission Poland. The bags come in two colours – red and grey and there are 4 ways to wear it (usual, crossbody bag, bike bag and backpack). The bags are limited edition and truly unique.


Anything else you would like the world to know about your film commission?

Film Commission Poland, working closely with the seven regional Polish film commissions, is a key partner in terms of information, advice and support for film production in particular regions. All film commissions in Poland act independently but cooperate in order to unify the Polish offer and to strengthen the Polish presence on the international market. FCP unites the existing regional commissions and makes further efforts to create new structures in the remaining regions.

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