10 Sexist Questions Asked to Female Stars On the Red Carpet.

August 28, 2014

Even at the Emmys, where we celebrate the highest artistic achievements in television, reporters often focus more on a woman’s dress, jewelry and her love life rather than what she has accomplished. Furthermore, the medias obsession with turning female actors into paper dolls, rather than see them as human beings, has spawned such things as the “glam cam” where the camera takes a floor-to-ceiling sweep of the the subjects dress and body. Or what about the E! “mani-cam” with it’s own tiny red carpet for women to display their manicures or their wedding ring you could ice skate on? Because that’s all that matters when we think about our female celebrities… right? Kudos to  Elizabeth Moss for flipping the “mani-cam” the bird by the way.  Cue the Representation Project’s latest awareness effort to address the cringe worthy, sexist questions the media aims at female stars on the red carpet. By using the hashtag #askhermore, people on Twitter can send suggested questions to reporters, in real-time, whenever they default to devaluing the accomplishments of women in Hollywood.  This is in effort to publicly spark deeper conversations on what women in the spotlight have achieved.  The following are 10 actual questions asked on the red carpet, and are prefect examples of why the Representation Projects #askhermore movement is necessary.

10) Your ring is gorgeous. Can we see it on our little mani-cam?


9)  What is in your purse right now?  That’s the key question.



8) Who are you wearing?


7) Your baby is so beautiful.  Are you going to have more?



6) Have you been dieting for months?

Nothing like a hot delicious salad


5) How many clutches did you choose from?


4) I heard a rumor that Bruce Dern said that you are a helluva pole dancer. Where did that come from?


3) Was it difficult finding something to accommodate “the bump”?


2) Do you remember the drunkest you’ve ever been?


1) Asked to Miam Bialik at the 66th Emmy Awards:

Q: Being on The Big Bang Theory, how many people -not that you aren’t a genius- think that you can solve calculus at the drop of a hat? 

A: I actually was trained in calculus for several years.  I’m a neuroscientist, so, you may not have known that. 






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