Short Film Contest: Griz vs Cats

May 1, 2014

Off the field and on the reel the Griz VS Cat short film contest! Submit your short film and you could win $1250! That is some walkin’ around money, no?

Submit your short film to compete in the Griz vs. Cats student filmmaker competition. The film with the most votes wins $1250. The film from the opposing school with the most votes will win $250.

The competition runs from June 16 – 30, 2014. The film with the most votes on June 30th at 11:59 pm MT wins.

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  • You must be a student enrolled in Montana State University, University of Montana or an affiliate campus.
  • Any genre of film under 15 minutes is eligible.
  • The film must not include hate speech, excessive violence, slanderous or libelous claims, or any other actionable offenses.
  • The film must not (i) infringe any rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights or IP rights, including any music-related rights, (ii) be defamatory or indecent, and (iii) violate any applicable laws.
  • You must have the authority to submit the film for our consideration.
  • You must have obtained all the necessary rights (including music rights), consents, authorizations and licenses covering the film.
  • There must not be pending or anticipated litigation regarding the film.


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