Film Face-Off: Everybody Loves Bacon vs. Wheelin’

August 18, 2014

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The Audience Awards Monday Film Face Off

Did you know we have a library of over 900 short films? Every Monday, we are curating two of the best for you to watch and quickly choose your favorite. Congratulations to last week’s winner, The Tower!

 The theme of this week’s Face-Off is doing what you love and getting somewhere— be it cars or bikes or motorized bicycles. This week’s contenders are Everybody Loves Bacon vs. Wheelin’. What’s your favorite?

Everybody Loves Bacon

“Enjoy your life— that’s what it’s all about.” That is David Williams’ motto in life. David works in order to drive. It is what he lives for. So why is this short called Everybody Loves Bacon? Watch and learn what task David performs on his car that sounds like the sizzling of bacon.


For Steve Carter, the classic bicycle with a disproportionately huge front tire, is his forte. As for Matty Bennet he likes to use new ways of making the same piece— a motorized bike. But both bikes provide Steve and Matty the freedom and time to think.

And the winner of last week’s Film Face-Off is… The Tower!


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