Sunday Confession: Whats The Most Uncomfortable Movie You’ve Watched With Your Parents

November 9, 2014

Confess your cinematic secrets to me, my child.  

Your secret is safe with me … and the Internet.  This week’s Sunday confessional topic: Whats the most uncomfortable movie you’ve ever watched with your parents?

Pretend you’re still 15 and you just rented some flicks with your folks for some good ole Sunday night family time.  Pretend that one of those flicks is Dude Where’s My Car and you blurt out ” I would totally remember where I parked the car after a night of partying!” Then you realize what you just said and awkwardly add “Er…. hypothetically?”   Or maybe you invite your boyfriend over to watch The Piano that your mom rented and she decides to fast forward through the sex scenes to protect your innocence.  Because high schoolers have no idea what sex is.  Guess which one happened to me.

Ever  have this kind of  experience? Tell me about it.



Confess in the comments section, or if you wish to remain anonymous, email me at


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