Sunday Confessional: What movie did you see before reading the book?

August 24, 2014

Confess your cinematic sins to me, my child.  

Blessed are those who tell Mundee Morning your dirty little secrets. Your secret is safe with me … and the Internet.  This week’s Sunday confessional topic: What movie did you see before reading the book? Was it Lord of the Rings? Can’t get the mental image of Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as Romeo and Juliet out of your head because you saw the movie before being forced to read the book in high school?   I will start… I watched High Fidelity  like, 20 times before I even knew there was a book.  But then I read it three times to make up for it (I kid you not). Confess in the comments section, or if you wish to remain anonymous, email me at It was Lord of The Rings… wasn’t it?!


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