Sunday Confessional: What Scary Movie Still Freaks You Out?

October 26, 2014

Confess your cinematic secrets to me, my child.  

Your secret is safe with me … and the Internet.  This week’s Sunday confessional topic: What scary movie still freaks you out?

Aw come on, there has to be a few movies that still give you the creeps, right?  For me, it’s Fire In The Sky.  Nope. Sorry.  Can’t watch it.  Though many people make jokes about alien abductees, Fire In The Sky makes me want to hold my head and rock in the corner.  Even looking for images for this article gave me cotton mouth and made my heart race. You think I’m kidding? I’m not. This is the length I go to for you guys!!

So now that you know my little secret, tell me yours. I’m going to go rock in the corner now.


Confess in the comments section, or if you wish to remain anonymous, email me at


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