Top Sound Equipment: TASCAM

May 25, 2016

What is your company’s mission?

At TASCAM, our goal has always been to provide musicians and sound design artists with the tools they need to fully realize their vision. Building on a strong legacy of products designed for home and studio recording, we at TASCAM have now focused our extensive experience and engineering expertise on the film and video industries in order to help yet another group of audio professionals elevate the state of their art to the next level.

What is your best selling product?

In the filmmaking world, our most popular product is the TASCAM DR-701D. This low profile recorder mounts directly to the tripod head, directly below the camera, and provides 4 independent audio as well as a composite stereo mix. And coupled with TASCAM’s professional quality HDDA microphone preamps and legendary sound quality is a sophisticated onboard synchronization capable of both generating a clock signal and syncing to the camera via an HDMI input.


Why do filmmakers chose your audio equipment?

Filmmakers choose TASCAM for two primary reasons: audio quality and workflow. As the pioneer of portable, multitrack recording systems, TASCAM has over 40 years of experience providing tools for audio professionals in both remote and studio environments. This experience has led not only to industry-leading audio fidelity in microphone preamps and digital recording systems but has also given a keen understanding of how sound designers work on a day to day basis. The result of this insight is that TASCAM products are designed to help you achieve great results quickly. From the easily accessible battery compartments and large clear display screens to the robust case design and flexible mounting options, TASCAM digital recording solutions are designed to help you work quickly and efficiently.

How do filmmakers access your equipment?

TASCAM products are available at all major camera and audio supply houses, music shops and major online retailers.

 Are there any special offerings you have that you would like filmmakers to know about?

In addition to our industry leading DR-701D, TASCAM has recently announced the DR-10SG shotgun mic/digital recorder combo. This uniquely powerful device packs a lot of power into an incredibly compact and light package. An all-in-one design, the DR-10SG features a camera mounting foot with an integrated shock mount, a professional quality shotgun mic and a full featured digital recorder. Perfect for capturing additional on-set audio with an absolute minimum of fuss, the DR-10SG simply clips onto the top of any DSLR camera and provides up to eight hours of high quality recording from a single battery.


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