The Stooge: Magic or Card Tricks?

March 16, 2019

Best-selling novelist Christopher Priest is best known for writing The Prestige, and lesser known for his written short film called “The Stooge”.  Directed by Uruguayan director Rogelio Fojo and shot by world-renowned cinematographer Keith Jefferies.

Christopher Priest gives a little excerpt on the process of creating the idea of the film and how Rogelio Fojo is taking it beyond.

“One evening some years ago I went along to a live magic show to see how things were done. I was researching for the novel I was writing then – this book became The Prestige, which was filmed in 2006 by Christopher Nolan. I started thinking about the role of a stooge in magic. Who becomes a stooge? How does he or she get involved? What do they know about the tricks? What do they have to do to earn their money? And what becomes of them later …? The Stooge was originally written as a short story, a sort of footnote to The Prestige. And now Rogelio Fojo directed The Stooge as a motion picture, with a lot of magic and just a little naughtiness…”

Robert Picardo (left) and Rogelio Fojo (right).

The film stars some of the most prestigious actors and actresses including; Robert Picardo (“Star Trek”), Herbert Siguenza (“Coco”), Pop Haydn, Carisa Hendrix & Jonathan Levit. Pat Scott as “the stooge” & Adam Sonnet as “Geoff”.

Although The Stooge was completed last year, it has just achieved its first professional booking. It will be shown at the North Hollywood Cinefest, 20-28th March 2019.

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Article by Danika Firth



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