Vote for Best Avant-Garde Short Film Today!

October 7, 2014

The submission period has officially closed for the Audience Awards’ Avant-Garde Showdown Short Film Competition. Since late August, filmmakers have been submitting their experimental films to the competition, for which voting begins today and ends October 21st. To put it simply, avant-garde as a genre essentially calls for any material that pushes the boundaries of the status quo, as established by whatever artistic realm the work exists (i.e film, music, painting, what have you.) So get weird, and watch some awesome experimental short films!

The ten competing films cover a wide range of subjects. One Two Three Two One, a short film by Erin Babbin, is a simple story of a woman conflicted between two feelings of attraction. However, the film emphasizes emotional states with the use of close-ups, focus, and even some slow motion. In Albert Einstein, filmmaker John Arke sets fluid animation and still image alongside a personal poem about the theory of relativity. Outside is a sparse, realist portrait of a man and his spouse and caretaker, and what their relationship has withered down to. Other films go as far as futuristic political science-fiction, a group of musicians getting signed and even a film from last year’s International Doc Challenge.

Over the next two weeks, audiences (YOU) will watch and vote for the best avant-garde and experimental films, with the winner receiving a $300 grand prize! So, take some time away from your everyday life and get experimental with the Avant-Garde Showdown Short Film Competition!

Click here to watch and vote for your favorite film!


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