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September 27, 2014

We are all affected by the movies, in one way or another. Be it in a movie theater or on the internet, we are seeking out the moving picture to tell us a story we connect with and to feel how it will register in our brains and our hearts. Here at AudNews, we know that everyone has at least one film, or movie experience, that changed them. Maybe it was your first time in a theater at a young age, or the first nervous date you went on as a teenager, or just the time you wanted to duck out of the chaos, commotion and stresses of life and lost yourself in something removed from reality.

We know you have that movie playing in your head right now, and we want you to write about it. Submit a review at this link. You can write about films, TV, the entertainment industry, film festivals, filmmakers, the sky is the limit! (So, please do not write about the sky.)

Plus, if your article reaches enough views, you can earn up to $50 per article. There are a few ways to help ensure your work reaches these heights: 1) Strive for unique and fun takes on subjects that are in the conversation out there. Don’t feel like you are doomed to just being another voice adding to the fuzz. 2) Follow AudNews on Facebook and Twitter so you can spread the word about your work and push it out there.

Click here to submit your words.

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