Animation Short Film Festival Check-in Filmmaker Quotes

July 25, 2016

The 2016 Animation Online Short Film Festival is off to a roaring start with 43 films and to help you get the right frame of mind, four of these competing animating filmmakers have given us the inside look! Click on the film or on the film name to watch and vote for these talented filmmakers. Remember you can vote for as many as you like, once a day for the duration of the contest, which ends Jul 28, 2016 at 8:00pm MDT (America/Denver.)

Good luck!


“Halcyon Days of Youth”

“Halcyon Days of Youth is a film made out of a passion for all that is great in the ever shrinking world of 2D traditionally animated films. Inspired by both Disney films and the Japanese animation of my childhood, the film seeks to both invoke nostalgia of the “good old days” while still being relatable and to tell a story of tragedy.” ~Animator DongLiang Chang with “Halcyon Days of Youth.”


Animator Jonathan Campbell with “The Dog That Follows Death”

  1. “My film came from looking at the world around me and seeing a solvable problem; violence and its cyclical nature.


  1. The main character is a dog, because I was upset at, and then inspired by, my dogs propensity to react to any perceived threat with a vicious vengeance. While I walked her I remember thinking, “Jeez, she snaps at other dogs and things without even thinking. Imagine if people were like that.” Then as I thought about it, I realized that people are like that. We like to think that we are evolved, but we are still quick to a type of violence and revenge that we fashion as justice.


  1. The story of the film is didactic, but I feel like its fantastic setting and characters make it more than just a lesson. The animation that was created by personal friend and artist Matt Black takes the story and transforms it into a beautiful and painful reality. Even if I didn’t think the message of the movie was important, I would see it just to experience the art that brings the story to life.” ~ Animator Jonathan Campbell with “The Dog That Follows Death

Animator Richard Lyford-pike with “Birds of a Feather”

“I try to add a moral story to all my films, like an education from within our day-today society. A small message about equality and looking out for others even if there is something different and obscure about them. 

The ‘Birds of a Feather’ focuses on selfishness and kindness inside a daily city routine. As a result; being greedy adds to aggression, loneliness and hunger whereas being kind creates friendship, happiness and fullness.

 This film is another stepping stone to many more great films to come.” ~Animator Richard Lyford-pike with “Birds of a Feather


Animator Karen Goldfarb with “Lucky and the Pirates”

“One of the most important things I want people to know about my film — is that it is a Valentine to my dog Lucky — He is also a Shih Tzu — just like in the film — and while he doesn’t speak the way the dog does in the film — He speaks in all the ways that matter..

He was a rescue dog — ragged and hurt because he had been abandoned — when we met each other — we fell into each other’s arms — we are soul mates and best friends..

And besides — I promised him — he was going to be a star — and now — he is!  Lucky and the Pirates just won Best Animation at the Top Indie Film Awards — and was also a winner at the Animation Daze in Cannes festival this summer.

To me, the film is about each person finding their courage — and their humanity — even if you are a Shih Tzu — or a Pirate.” ~Animator Karen Goldfarb with  “Lucky and the Pirates”

This is the prize breakdown for this video contest:


1st Place Jury Award: $150 Site Credit

2nd Place Jury Award: $100 Site Credit

3rd Place Jury Award: $50 Site Credit


1st Place Audience Award: $300 + a FilmStro soundtrack license for movie up to $1M budget worth $1999

2nd Place Audience Award: $60 Site Credit

3rd Place Audience Award: $30 Site Credit

You can watch all of the competing films here.

Keep an eye out for future contests accepting submissions here.

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