Presenting the X-Doria Testimonial Winners

July 26, 2016

Congratulations to the winners of the X-Doria Testimonial Video Contest!

Five films competed for $1,750. The films were viewed over 450 times and received over 250 votes.


  1. “I am a young YouTuber trying to get my name out there and grow.
  2. Winning the contest is more than just money. It publicizes my name and YouTube and gives me a great boost of confidence.
  3. I will use the cash prize to help my friend who doesn’t have a lot of money build a computer and help grow my YouTube channel”. ~Todd RendeX-Doria Testimonial


  1. “Hi, I’m Devin Frank. Two or three years ago was when I started to enjoy filmmaking. I would make little stop-motion animations with Legos. I did that for a while until I went to camp one year and did a filmmaking/videography course. A couple months after that, October 2015, I bought my own Canon camcorder. In-between then and now I have made videos for school projects, personal video projects, filming my brother playing lacrosse, and the DIY Filmmakers Contest from The Audience Awards. One time I was looking for ways to make money as a 12 year old, and at the same time also looking for video contests to get myself out there in the filmmaking world, without knowing you can get money from it. Then I found The Audience Awards website. I found the DIY Filmmakers Contest, thinking to myself, “Hey, I might have some good ideas.” After that video contest, I found the X-Doria Testimonials Contest. I saw the price of the case, $60, and I immediately didn’t want to do the contest. But then I saw the prize amount, and I knew if I bought the case and won any of the prizes, the money would be made back. However, I didn’t just do it for the money. One big reason was to face my fear of being in front of the camera. I will admit, I am a terrible actor, and I am terrible at talking to the camera.

  2. I am honestly so grateful for winning this prize. I can’t believe I did it, even though one part of my video was accidentally unedited and you can see the green screen

  3. I will use the cash prize to somehow upgrade my sound quality, and maybe buy a new camera.” ~Devin Frank,  X Doria and my Broken Wrist


“My name is Nicole McIntyre and I am 18 year old college Junior at Texas Tech University. I often look for scholarship opportunities online, but  finding a community like Audience Awards is rare and has been amazing. This contest was the perfect opportunity for me to try a new skill in hopes to raise money for my Fall semester!

Winning this prize means so much to me because film and video production has always been something I’ve admired and wanted to try. Winning a prize was so great, but the experience of entering such a fun contest in a welcoming community has been priceless. 

I am so happy to be able to use the cash prize towards textbooks for my fall semester!” ~ Nicole McIntyreX-Doria Defense Shield Testimonial

Keep an eye out for future contests accepting submissions here.

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