Announcing the Winners of the 2019 Audience Awards Love Shorts Film Festival

February 26, 2019

Announcing the Winners of the 2019 Audience Awards Love Shorts Film Festival! It may be Oscar season, but at Audience Awards, we celebrate independent filmmaking and short films about love. In hopes of warming up our hearts as the cold hits us hard here in Montana, we turned to the Audience Awards Community to give us some short films all about love. The filmmakers submitted some mind-bending, heart-wrenching, and hilarious love short films that showed the message of what true love.

The first place winner of the 2019 Love Shorts Film Festival is Heart Strings by Alex Chung. In this beautiful production, the main character realizes she’s living in a false reality and begins the adventure to break free.

Chung decided to go with the original title of the short film, Heart Strings because he promises that it will either “touch your heart (or break it)”.  This was his first online film festival and called participating in Audience Awards’ Love Shorts Film Festival as a “wonderful experience.”

Watch Heart Strings by Alex Chung here. 

Second place in Love Shorts Film Festival went to The Morphable Man by Jonathan Ostos Yaber. Life is hard when your appearance is dependent on your emotions, but this character attempts to hide it until one day it goes public.

Yaber isn’t new to the filmmaking world and his CGI is beyond any basic skill set. When asked about his experience, he spoke of how he enjoyed the festival because it “shows there’s an audience enjoying and embracing his stories and a jury supporting his independent film career”.

Watch Morphable Man by Jonathan Ostos Yaber here. 

Third place in Audience Awards Love Shorts Film Festival went to Commit by Dionna McMillian. In Commit, two lovebirds may look like they’re meant for each other, but reality has something else entirely in store for them.

Dionna McMillian and co-writer Kenzie Ross had the support of colleagues and friends on the path of making this short film. They said that the “competitive nature of the festival” made it more interesting and loved the Audience Awards platform that allowed them to share their film on a large scale. Commit also came in second place for audience awards voting in the preliminary round ensuring that sometimes, the audience and the jury selects the same films.

Watch, Commit by Dionna McMillian here.

While February is the month of love, Audience Awards hopes that 2019 will turn into the year of love. By branching out and creating films, the community builds bonds that are stronger than any chocolate shell.

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Article by Danika Firth


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